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Summer Projects

  For the last few weeks I have been wishing for the school year to end so that this exhaused teacher could have a little break. Now that it is finally here, I just can’t seem to relax. When I am busy I crave a day to just sit on the couch and watch movies, and once that opportunity presents itself, I just can’t do it. Yesterday I woke up when my husband left for work and turned on HGTV. I saw an episode where they painted the inside of someone’s front door to add some warmth, color, and depth. For some reason….at 6:30 am….I decided that my door needed a new paint job too.  Here is what the door looked like about two years ago as our renovations came to an end.

  I had a can of Annie Sloan chalk paint in CoCo that I had intended on using on a previous project, but never did. I thought the color would make the door stand out and give some warmth to small foyer area. I forgot to take a before picture, but here it is soon after I started.

It took about three coats of paint before it was finally done.  I have to admit that about half way through the door project I asked myself why I continue to create projects for myself rather than relaxing. The end result is always worth it though, and this project had a little bonus. A mama bird’s little eggs hatched in the a nest on the wreath right outside our door. I got to listen to their sweet little chirps all morning long!

   My husband said he is going to tie me up before he leaves for work every morning because everytime he comes home there is a new project going on. He is right! I just can’t stay away. Off to refinish some end tables for a friend!

My Favorite Room

   Everyone has a favorite room in their home. It sounds strange, but my favorite room in my parent’s house when I was growing up was the powder room off the kitchen. I have always loved antiques and vintage decor, and when the movie “Titanic” came out, I thought that every decorative detail in the movie was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! We moved into my parent’s current house soon after “Titanic” had come out. When I walked into the powder room, I thought I had walked onto the “Titanic” set. It had wayne’s coating across the bottom, and a dark mural wall paper above that. It also had a large, gold Rococo mirror and a pedestal sink with a gold and crystal faucet. The final touch was an ornate, vintage vanity light atop the mirror. I would sometimes just stare at the little space thinking about how beautiful it was, and how I could not wait to decorate a room in my future home just like that one day.

   Needless to say, my taste has changed a bit since my Titanic loving days, but I do still love the vintage look. My favorite room in my home mixes, vintage, rustic, and shabby pieces. It is a little bit of every style that I really love. It started out very simple and shabby, like this…

When we first got done with out renovations, I thought I wanted everything white and shabby and girly. This lasted about two months. I then began to add some natural, rustic touches to give it the warm feel that I was really wanting. I refinished the chandelier, painted the fireplace, distressed the buffet, and found a great trunk to use as a coffee table.

 I am finally happy with the room, and it is really my favorite space in the house. Here it is now!








Farmhouse and Family

   Some of my favorite memories from growing up took place at the dinner table. Stories, jokes, laughters, tears, arguments over who would do the dishes, celebrations of achievements from volleyball victories, to college acceptance letters, to engagements. To me, the place where you eat represents so much more that just a room with table and chairs. It is a place for families to share funny stories, memories, and good food.

   Although most of our house has more of a cottage feel, I do like the farmhouse look. We do not have a breakfast nook in our kitchen, so when we have guests or family, our dining room is where we eat. For this reason, I wanted to create a cozy, relaxed feel more than a formal dining space. When I look at this space, I just feel happy and peaceful. The red in the curtains reminds me of my mom because she LOVES red in her house. The white and blue porcelain lamp was in my bedroom as a child. I always thought it was a beautiful lamp, and my mom graciously gave it to me for our house! I also have a silver dish that I received as a wedding gift that was a wedding gift to my great grandmother years ago.  

  We all have pieces in our home that mean more to us that just being a table to sit at, or just a lamp to turn on. They represent special times, people, and memories and create in us a sense of “home”. What have you used in your house that makes it a “home”?

My childhood bedroom lamp
My great grandmother’s silver platter


Cotton Balls

I have never met someone who loved cotton more than my sister Katie. Her love affair with cotton began when she was just a baby. She had a bunny with a cotton tail, and she used to rub the cotton tail on her nose while she sucked her thumb. This turned into a cotton love affair for her, and we began to affectionately call her “Cotton Katie”. She sucked her thumb while rubbing a cotton ball under her nose for years.  My mom says that she would find cotton in Katie’s bed, between her toes, and even in her diapers! While her cotton affair has long been over, mine has just begun!

While getting ideas for decorating at the beach, I came across a lot of pictures of cotton used as decor. I already loved using cotton in apothecary jars as decor, and I thought that I must find a a way to use cotton in our room at the beach. The bathroom ended up being the perfect place for the cotton. It makes a big statement, but still has a soft and cozy feel. I will definitely have to hide it when Cotton Katie comes to visit…I am sure it will be tempting!

Cotton used as decor in our bathroom at the beach!



“Ahhhh perfect”.  This is the phrase that my husband says to me in a sarcastic tone when I get to moving things around in our house and finally find the right spot. There are very few rooms in our home that have stayed the exact same way that they were the first day that I decorated them, and he finds my constant redecorating to be very amusing. It is not that I always have something new to use, it is sometimes just moving existing things around until they are in the right spot. I am constantly seeing beautiful rooms in other’s homes, magazines, movies, etc, and I sometimes come home and try to create the look I love with what I have.

I have a guest bath off of our guest room that I have never loved the look of. I decorated it with “vintage” in mind, and for some reason it took on more of a “country vintage” feel. I also hated how the light switches were so noticeable. Here is what the bathroom looked like before:


Yesterday I went to Anthropologie and saw a wall collage of pictures and mirrors, and it came to me! That is what I need to do in the guest bath! It will have more of a vintage feel, and help mask the oddly placed light switches and outlets. I bought a couple of vintage ceramic knobs, some bright teal hand towels, and an “H” for the wall. The rest of the towels, accents, and wall mirrors/pictures were pieces that I had had for a while that did not have a home. Once I was done, I was so glad to realize that this moment was an “ahhhhh, perfect” moment, The bathroom finally has the feel I wanted, and the change only cost about 50.00! Here are some pictures of the “new vintage feel”. Hope you enjoy!


Fabulous Pillows!

I am a lover of pillows. New ones seem to pop up around my house all the time. I just can’t resist a great pattern. I love to look at all the pillow covers on There are a ton of seamstresses on Etsy that make great pillow covers with designer fabrics. Here are some of my recent favorites! Just click on the picture to go straight to the Etsy store that the came from!



Bringing the Outside In

 These are a few of my favorite things; monograms, distressed furniture, beautiful fabrics, unique lighting, and bringing the outdoors in! When I had the chance to decorate our bedroom at the beach, I wanted to incorporate all of these things. I wanted a nautical, vintage feel, with a clean and preppy touch here and there. After long searches for the perfect accessories and lighting, and countless hours with the sander and paintbrush, I finally accomplished what I had set out to create. The accessories I choose are pieces that you might find at the beach, on a boat, or at an old fishing pier. The accessories came from everywhere; antique stores, Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie, Homegoods, Etsy, and Restoration Hardware. The nightstands were found at Queen of Hearts, an antique store in Alpharetta, Ga. The drawers were sanded and kept natural, and the body was painted navy. I also found the large shutters that I used for the headboard for a great deal at my favorite booth at Queen of Hearts.  They were originally red. I used CoCo Annie Sloan paint and dark wax to finish them. The best part of chalk paint is that there is no sanding involved! The piece that took me forever to find was the dresser. I just could not find the right size and style for the space for the RIGHT PRICE! I finally came across the piece I ended up using at Queen of Hearts. It was built in the late 1800s and weighs a ton! It was originially hunter green. I used the same CoCo chalk paint and used the dark wax to “antique” the new coat of paint. I then put a coat of clear wax over the piece to protect the paint. While the room has a vintage feel, the bedding and pillow fabrics help to give it a modern touch. I am so happy to finally be done with the room so that we can relax and enjoy the space! Thanks for looking!


Natural Elements Brought Inside!


Dark Wax for Antique Accents


The coordinates on the center pillow are the coordinates of our house! Found it one Etsy.


Found this Chair at Stein Mart for 40.00



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A Bright Beachy Bunkroom

My sister-in-law and I are so happy to be almost done with the kids’ bunkroom at the beachhouse! We fell in love with the Latika Festival fabric, and the room was built from there. While the bunks and bedding were ordered, there are also some old pieces that we had or were given to us that I repurposed for the room. I was really happy with the light fixture too. We purchased it online from Shades of Light. We still have a few accessories to put in the room before I show the whole thing, but I wanted to share a few pictures of the bunks! We are both in love with this room and are so excited to see it all coming together!Thanks for stopping by:)




Still waiting on a pillow for the chair!


Done with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint and Hobby Lobby knobs!





Snapshots of Summer and Home

  Take a fun little quiz. Look around your house. How is it decorated? What accessories do you decorate with? What color paint have you used? Now think…are there things in your house that remind you of home, your childhood, or the town you grew up in? I have lived in Atlanta, Ga now for about four years. The longer I live here, the more things start to pop up around the house that are reminiscent of where I grew up.

   While my younger years were spent in Houston, Texas, the majority of my formative years were spent in Florida. I was born there, and lived there for five years before we moved. Although we lived in Texas, we always came back to visit our family in Florida. We moved to Jacksonville, Florida when I was thirteen. I then attended the University of Florida for college. As I look around our home, I realize that where I grew up has had a big influence on my decor from paint colors to picture frames. I did not spend tons of time at the beach when I lived in Florida, but it was always around me…the colors, the feel, the peacefulness. I have created a coastal cottage feel in our home without even meaning to. Our paint colors are light and calming, the furniture is distressed, the bedding is light and airy, and the accents around our home look as though they were plucked right from an old beach cottage.  I love bringing nature indoors, especially as sweet summertime approaches.

  Don’t get me wrong, I do love Georgia. I would not want to go back to Florida, but that does not mean that it is not something that will always be a part of me. Your home is your haven. What special pieces do you have in your home?

Here are some summer snapshots of my own little haven:







My Favorite Summer Trend…Teal and Lime

Blue and green have always been my favorite colors. When my sister-in-law and I set out to pick fabrics for the living room in our family’s beach house, we were not quite sure what color scheme we would go with. We had decided to get brown leather couches due to kids, dogs, sand and water, which meant we needed some bright, summery colors to make it feel like a beach house. We spent a couple of hours in one store and just couldn’t find the right thing. We walked into the next store, and there it was! It was teal and bright green….and perfect! We loved the embroidery and the linen background.


Empire Linen in Endive found at Forsyth Fabrics in Atlanta, GA.

 Once we found this fabric, we were able to easily find all of our accent fabrics. The store was full of teal and chartreuse fabrics that reminded us of the water on the Gulf. We also found some fringe and cord that worked perfectly on our pillows. We used this fabric as our main fabric to cover the chairs, make stationary panels for the french doors, and for one of the pillows on the couch. The room is close to being done, save for a few more accessories. Here is a sneak peek!