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A Fireplace and a Sledgehammer

Have you ever looked at something in your home and just despised it? Whether it be a light fixture, a built in, kitchen cabinets, or…in my case…a fireplace…?

After we renovated our home, the old fireplace just did not belong. I would watch t.v., and just stare at it, imagining what I could do to make it better. I cannot lie…I did imagine myself with a sledgehammer a few times just ripping and tearing it apart to my heart’s content. However, I knew that was not an option, and would be entirely too expensive to re-do the whole look. The fireplace was all dark brick…so large and heavy. It looked as though it loomed over the whole space, and it really made it feel drab and uninviting.

Since we plan on renting/selling the house in the not too far away future, my husband is always apprehensive to let me make any permanent changes. We finally agreed that I could paint…just to brighten it up a bit. Needless to say, I was thrilled. The fireplace got her makeover that weekend and I have been in love ever since. So here’s to subtle changes that make a huge difference.

A little can of paint can go a long way!


This is the fireplace before. So dark and heavy. I have also redone the chandelier in a dark color and removed some crystals since this was taken.



Fireplace During Christmas; I used Creamy by Sherwin Williams. I used an eggshell finish and applied in splotches with a paintbrush. I then smoothed over any areas that needed it.
Fireplace After


This is the after with my summer mantle.