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A Whole New (Old) Look!

 I have been so excited about this bedroom change in our home. I always like the back guest bedroom, but something about it felt too country and dated to me. I wanted an updated, yet still vintage look. I also wanted more patterns and color. Here is what the room looked like before:

  How many of you love Anthropologie? Now, how many of you love the prices in Anthropologie? Neither do I! Everytime I go in there I leave feeling a little sad because I love everything so much and can only buy one tiny candle for 50.00. A tip that I have learned while decorating our house is to splurge on the focal points. The quilt in this room is something that  I splurged on at Anthro. I did not want to get rid of it because I love it so much and it was pricey, so I worked it into the new room. It is amazing how one quilt can have two totally different looks in one room. The other piece in here that I have had forever is the blue armoire, however it was not always blue. It used to be just sitting in the basement in an ugly brown stain. I painted it for the beach, but we ended up not having the right spot for it. So, we brought it home for this room and I love it! I just finished the room this morning, and wanted to share some pictures. The only thing I am waiting on are some more egg print pictures so that I can take up the whole side of the wall with a framed egg print collage. I am going to detail where I found everything in case something catches your eye! Here is the reveal!



These are the prints that I am going to order more of. It will be a total of 9 framed prints.My favorite thing in the room!


My favorite thing in the room!


Here is a list of where I found most of the pieces!
1) Ikat fabric is Robert Allen Khanjali Glacial. I found it online at Mary Jo’s Cloth store. It was for the amazing price of 12.95 a yard! That is about half of price of everywhere else I looked.
2) I hade the curtains and pillows made by JoAnn from Simply Divine Designs of Etsy. She did a fabulous job! Here is the link to her store:
3) The bottles on top of the armoire, the picture over the bed, the floral candelabra, and the small teal table by the chair are all from Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta. I got the floral print framed at Hobby Lobby.
4) The floor lamp is from
5) Driftwood is from Z Gallerie, and the bronze tub is from my mom:) Thanks mom!
6) The egg prints are from a great little shop on Etsy. Here is the link:
7) The striped duvet and shams are from Pottery Barn.
8) The glass lamp is also from PB. I found the manilla rope at Ace Hardware and put it inside.
8) The linen skirt over the ottoman was also purchased from a store on Etsy. I have an old Gator cube from college, and just covered it with the skirt! I love this shop! It is called Ruffled Linens. Here is the link:
I think that covers everything! Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!

For the Love of Ivy

  Do you remember the movie “Jumanji”? You know the part when the house starts turning into a jungle, and vines and leaves are growing out of the walls? They actually used these shots of my mom’s house in their movie.


This little chair and table set is located just next to it.

Not really the Jumanji house, but close to it! My sister and I walked up to this little area, and counted about 7 ivy plants in a 10×5 space. We both said “This is like Jumanji!” Although mom was very sad to get rid of her ivy, she agreed to go shopping to find some modern touches. We went to Homegoods where we found some great new greenery and accessories!

Some greenery to replace the ivy!


 The first thing that we decided to do was to have less shelves. We wanted the shelf spaces to be higher, and we were going with the theme that “less is more” as we accessorized. We took out a shelf on the far left and far right alcoves. We then rearranged the remaining shelves. We kept the same amount of shelves in the middle alcove, but rearranged them to allow for different heights on each shelf. We also plan on painting the background of the unit and warm khaki color. This will give some warmth and depth to the shelving unit. All white is just too bright and causes some of the accessories to get lost. We plan on painting the back of the unit next time I am visiting, but we did finish accessorizing while I was there. Mom already had a lot of great old pictures and pieces on her shelves that we incorporated with the new, more modern touches we bought. If you have ever had to accessorize a large shelving unit, you know that it takes forever! I think we were rearranging and staring at these shelves for at least 4 hours! Here is the outcome:

   Mom also agreed to let me get rid of some of the ivy in her family room. This room is very spacious and tall, so we needed something on the coffee table that would not get lost in the room. This is what it looked like before:

Just look at all that lovely, flowing ivy!:)

   Since it is no longer 1995, we went for a more modern look. My mom had the vase and hydrangeas already, and we went to Michael’s to look for pieces to complete the arrangement. Here is the updated, ivy free arrangement!


   I think we got rid of a total of 10 ivy plants or so, which is a big accomplishment for mom! She was very pleased with the outcome….now we only have about 25 more ivy plants in the house that need to go! That’s not an exaggeration:)

A Few Good Finds

   I am a bargain shopper, and I learned from the best. My mom always found beautiful things for the best deals. She taught us that you do not have to spend a ton of money for nice things. Homegoods,, and are just a few of the places where I know that I can always find pieces for my home that will look nice but not break the bank. Here are some of my latest finds:

1) I found these chairs at Homegoods. I thought they resembled some chairs I have seen in Restoration Hardware catalogues, but they were a third of the price! They are upholstered front and back with a heavy linen material.


 2) I have been looking for a floating ottoman for our family room. I really wanted a fun pattern for the space that would match all of the colors in the room. I found this subtle leopard print ottoman at Homegoods for 40.00!

 3) I have been very patient in looking for a garden stool type table to put next to our couch in our bedroom at the beach. I really wanted something that would go with the theme of bringing nature into the room. I found this great driftwood table at the Homegoods near my parent’s house in Jacksonville for only 50.00. I also found some brass sconces on Etsy and striped Ana candles on I feel like the room is finally complete!

 You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create the look you want your home to have. It may take a bit more time and patience, but your pocketbook (and husband) will thank you!  Now I want to leave you with a sneak peak of my “mite free” foyer. It is not complete yet, but I am excited about what I have found so far. I am actually now thankful to the mites because I am really loving the new pieces that I have found. Finished pictures coming soon!























We “Mite” Have a Problem

  Remember the post I did about painting my front door? I mentioned listening to “sweet baby birds chirping”, and how pleasant it was. Well, looks can be deceiving, because these “sweet little birds” left something extremely unpleasant behind. This is what the foyer looked like one week ago:

And this is what my foyer looks like now:

  I am sure you are wondering how baby birds and my empty foyer are related. One word: MITES  (gross)! While I was visiting my parents in Florida, the baby birds flew away from the nest, leaving their little mite friends without anything warm to live on. So, they decided that our home was the next best thing. They took over my burlap runner, lamp, plant, and pretty much everything else in my foyer. My husband had to throw everything away, and spend hours killing the ones that were in the house. While I do feel bad that he had to do this alone, I have to admit that I am so glad I was out of town for this disgusting event. When he called to tell me that he had to throw all of my things on the table away, I thought he was lying. At first I was sad, but I then decided to look at it as an opportunity to do something different and fun with the space. I will be sure to share all of the new, mite free finds!

A Little Change Goes a Long Way

I am down in Jacksonville, Florida right now visiting my parents and youngest sister. One of the nice things about being a teacher is that I can come and see my family for an extended period of time in the summer! I was contacted by a high school friend about repurposing some pieces of furniture for her on my next trip to Jacksonville. Rachel had had this dresser and armoire since 8th grade, and while she liked the bones of the pieces, she really did not like the wood color. I was so excited because I could see how these pieces could really be pretty once there were done! Here is a picture of Rachel and her sweet little family!

Rachel picked one of my favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors (Paris Gray), and she bought some beautiful knobs from Anthropologie.  I also decided to grab some Annie Sloan Pure White and some dark wax to accent the pieces with.  The first piece I did was the dresser. Here is a “before” picture of it:

First things first, I wiped the dresser down with a cloth. Then, I applied one thick coat of Paris Gray. Once the gray was dry, I decided to do a “test drawer”. I usually do this just to make sure I am on the right track. I always chose one drawer to completely finish before I detail everything and then end up not liking it. The steps I took on my test drawer were as follows: I mixed a couple of tablespoons of my pure white paint with water. I then applied it in fast strokes with a medium sized paint brush. I quickly took an old rag and wiped the white so that it blended with the gray. Once that was dry, I decided that it was a bit too much white, so I put a very small amount of more gray paint on top. I then sanded the drawers. I always sand heavily on the edges (where it would naturally occur), and just a tiny bit in the center of the drawers. If ever I feel that the sanding is too much, I just lightly brush some paint back over the sanded areas. I then used the sharp edge of a paint sponge to accent the sanded areas with dark wax, because the wood color under the paint was light. This allowed for some dark and light wood finish under the paint. Finally, everything was sealed up with a clear coat of Annie Sloan wax. Rachel approved the test drawer, so I continued this process with the rest of the piece. I then put on the new knobs. Here is the new and improved dresser!


I used the exact same technique with the armoire. Here is the armoire before:

Here is the armoire after! (minus the bottom knobs that we still needed to purchase).

So, you see how a little paint can make a big difference! If you have any old furniture that you just don’t like the color of, think of ways you can reinvent it. You would be surprised at what you could do!  I have to say that this was one of my favorite projects to date. Rachel, her niece, and her sweet little Lauryn kept me company the whole time, and I just loved the way the layers of color and vintage knobs turned out! It has me thinking about what I can use Paris Gray on in my home. And the projects continue!










Bringing in Bright

  As I have said, I am one for soft soothing colors. Our sunroom is where all the bright gets the opportunity to come into our home. It has more of an Anthropologie feel rather than the “rustic, cottage, shabby” that the rest of our home has. I shared our repurposed green buffet in the previous post. Here are some pictures of the rest of the room.

   One of my friends from high school just got into med school, and she asked me if I would paint some pieces for her new place. She wants a modern/vintage/whimsical look. She told me the color scheme she was going for, and the fabric she wanted to use. I love her bright, whimsy style! She is definitely “bringing in bright” to her new place. I am so excited for her! Here are her funky pieces:


Excuse the mess!

   Hope this “brightened” your day a bit!:)

Breaking the Rules

     The first thing a lot of people notice when they come into our home is the color scheme, or lack thereof.  There is something about a natural color pallete that puts me at ease. There are a lot of soft greens, blues and browns in our home. The colors are calming and subtle, and bring in a sense of nature. But…..the sunroom is different. There is not a color, pattern, or style that is not allowed in this room. The walls are painted a grayish mocha, which sets a backdrop for color madness!

  I have had this white buffet that I purchased at a quaint, shabby chic store on the beach in Jacksonville. It was one of my first purchases after my husband and I got engaged. I was so excited that I was going to be able to decorate a home, and shabby was on my mind. It was the perfect piece at the perfect price in that moment.  Here she is in her original form:

     Not bad, but not too interesting either.

  They sell Annie Sloan chalkpaint at my favorite antique store in Alpharetta called Queen of Hearts. Everytime I go, I stare at the Antibes Green sample wondering where I could fit the bright, risky, fabulous color in my home. The drab, white buffet needed a little kick, and Antibes green was perfect for the job! I started working on the piece the day that I brought the paint home. I had been imagining it for at least a week, and I needed to see it come to fruition right away! I must admit, it shocked me a little at first….

EEEEkkkkkkkkk! That is GREENNNN!

    Wow! If you saw the rest of my home, you would be absolutely shocked at this paint choice, as was I. I sent a picture to my mom…her reply…”Wow, Lauren, that is green”. I continued, however, and reminded myself that I would be toning it down with gray and adding crystal knobs. I also had one of my favorite framed prints that my parents had given me for my eighth grade graduation that I just knew would be the perfect vintage addition to the funky, green buffet. I began to add some gray and do a little sanding (doing all of this with fingers crossed and very high hopes). I start to feel a bit calmer right about now…

Panic attack is coming to an end.

     I used long, soft strokes and a wet cloth to blend in some gray with the green. I also sanded the edges with an electric sander.  I then added some clear and dark wax to give it a more aged look. The crystal knobs came from Hobby Lobby. I love how they add some vintage and lighten up the piece. Here is the final unveiling….put your shades!!:)

   I love all the layers of color, and they way the vintage print looks sitting on this piece.

  Everyone should have a room in their home where they take a little bit of risk and make it their own hodge podge of color and style.  I am so glad I took the chance on Antibes green…this little white buffet has never looked more interesting, and the girl in the blue dress is loving her new spot!