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Add a lot for a Little

Sometimes I close my eyes and dream about….Restoration Hardware. I am running around the store putting an orange dot on everything I want (which is everything in the store), and when I get to the register (with Ryan Reynolds as the cashier, of course), he says, “This one’s on me”. Sad dream to wake up from, I know.

Because the likelihood of this happening to me is slim to none, I have found alternative, thrifty ways to add character to my home without breaking the bank. Here are a few things around the house that cost a little, but make a big difference.

 I bought this lamp at Pottery Barn…it was on sale, but still a splurge for me. I LOVE the look of these lamps. The combination of the glass and the brassy color is perfect for the look of my home. I felt like this lamp was just missing something sitting on the white nightstand. I went to Ace Hardware and bought two packs of manilla rope, each in a different shade. Total cost: 22.00. I love the added texture.

Have any old cubes or ottomans sitting around? I got this cube in college. While I do love anything related to the Gators, there was not a place in my home for this guy. I went on  Etsy and found a great store called Ruffled Linens. They are of great quality, and very reasonably priced. This old cube has gone from this:

To this….ahhhh, much better!

We all know that the best things in life are free…epecially when it comes to sea flora. I went to visit my sister in Miami in March, and found the most unique pieces of sea flora just in time for my summer mantle! Jackpot! It was a bit of a hassle to dry them out, and the initial smell is not very pleasant. It was definitely worth it though!

The purple sea fan was my favorite find! The color is amazing!

Restoration Hardware has framed maps in a lot of their rooms. So pretty and soooo expensive. I set out to find a vintage map on Etsy. I wanted to find a picture of the Gulf and the Southest portion of the US, since that is where my husband and I are both from. I found one for 25.oo on Etsy. I then took it to Hobby Lobby. They have great barnwood frames there that have a vintage feel. I got it matted and framed and ended up spending 75.00 all together, as opposed to 275.00. Here is the final product:

 What thrify ways have you found to style your home?

Back to School and Gallery Walls

It has been a very busy couple of weeks getting my classroom together, having the first week with all of my new students, and house hunting in the afternoons/evenings and weekends. I had to move classrooms this year, which made for an extra busy couple of weeks…especially for someone like me who feels the need to decorate their elementary school classroom as if it were their home. My husband even let me take his old lazy boy for the reading center in my classroom. I am not sure if I am happier about having it in my classroom for the kids, or just having that hunter green, microfiber monster  out of our home! I do not have any pictures of my new classroom, but it is not much different than my old “jungle theme” space. 

I am thrilled to have some time on this lazy Sunday to get back to blogging and day dreaming about home decor. It is a great way to relax at the end of a busy week. One of my favorite trends these days is the gallery wall. They are a great way to take up a large wall space without having to spend a ton of money on a gigantic mirror or painting. They also give a room a collected, cozy feel.


My husband even made a gallery wall in his office. He did not create this wall with a gallery wall in mind, he was simply trying to maximize wall space in the only room in the home where pictures of Bear Bryant and Alabama football, war paintings, and turkey mounts are allowed. Not too shabby for a guy, if I may say so myself.


 I follow a blog that a couple of decorators in Atlanta have called Milk and Honey Home. I just love everything they do! They are the absolute masters at gallery walls. You should definitely visit their portfolio on their blog if you are thinking of creating a gallery wall, or just love vintage decor all together.

Pinterest is another great source for gallery wall ideas:




I hope everyone is enjoying the start of school! I won’t let two weeks go by again now that I am all settled in for the school year!

The Swamp

28 days. That is how long we have before the greatest sport on the planet begins again. I have loved the Florida Gators since the day I was born. I can remember the excitement I would have on Saturdays to sit and watch games with my dad. I remember being heart broken when we would lose a big game, and I remember the pure excitement I felt when we won the National Championship in 1996 (and Danny Wuerffel became my first love).  My love and loyalty to the Gators grew when I attended college there. I never missed a home game, and I never left a game early. It was one of the greatest times in history to attend UF, as we won 2 basketball and 1 football National Championship during my time there (and another in football the next year). When I moved to Atlanta after college, I imagined decorating my entire apartment in orange and blue(which sounds incredibly awesome and disgusting at the same time). Needless to say, the orange and blue decor did not happen. Now that I have a house of my own, I have really started to consider what a little orange and blue would look like in the house….it would be done in a tasteful way of course. No Tim Tebow posters or murals of the stadium on the wall. I would also have to let my husband have an Alabama room, which almost makes me want to entirely drop the idea of an orange and blue room just so I don’t have to stare at framed pictures of Bear Bryant all day as if he were an immediate family member.  All joking aside, I would love a feminine, tasteful orange and blue room in my next house. Here are some pretty, fun examples of great Gator rooms!

image – in style home – fall/winter 2007 issue

image from decor pad; love the patterns and headboard

 Source: Miles Redd on Decor Pad; love the wall color and chair fabric.

 Source: Domino.mag

Pillow on Etsy. Clink on the picture to be directed to the shop.

Saw this on a great blog I follow called Aesthetic Oiseau. Click on the picture to see more of her blog!

 And let’s be honest…orange and blue is way cuter than this!




Happy almost football season! Hopefully it will be a much better year for the orange and blue:)

A Simple Truth and Some Brotherly Love

It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. We are stressed over jobs, bills, laundry piles, and traffic. We are so focused on who is offending who, rising gas prices, and a bad economy. The ins and outs of life can be down right depressing and exhausting….and then you watch a video like this, and it reminds us of what is truly important in this life. I do believe that God sees how foolish and self absorbed we can all be, so he sends us angels to live on this earth to simply remind us of what is truly important in life. My friend posted this video to Facebook, and it just reminded me of how wonderful life really is.  Love and compassion are two simple truths we should all live by, and sometimes it takes two special children to remind us of that. I can honestly say I learned an awesome truth from a seven year old by watching this, that even the wisest of old men may not have been able to explain.  Makes me excited to see all of my sweet little students in a week!

Please click on the link below…you will be so happy you did:) It is only about ten minutes long.

Goodbye Summer

 Well, I have officially entered the last 12 hours of my summer vacation. I slept as late as I possibly could today (even though I wasn’t even tired) just because I know that sleep deprivation and high stress will set in in approximatley 2 weeks. While I am sad to see another summer go, I am excited to see all of my little munchkins walk into my classroom with their new backpacks, pencils, and sweet little smiles. I will continue to remind myself of this “love at first day of school” feeling when they raise their hand  shout out to inform me that their reading partner has punched them, or when they cry because they have apples for a snack when they would rather have their friend’s Cheetos.  I thought we could take a look at some beautiful, relaxing summer styled rooms before I officially say goodbye.  I may have to revisit this post often between now and next May:) Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest.

 Just makes me want to make a pina colada and read on the beach all day!

 Cozy little nook. I think I could sit here all day!

I could cozy up here after a day on the water.

Wood and bedding in this room…yum!:



 Goodbye summer…I will miss you so!