Monthly archive for September 2012

Fall Mantles

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. It is football season, and the holidays begin. The trees are the most beautiful colors they will be all year. The air is perfectly cool, and the smell of pumpkins and cinnamon fill the air (at least at our house). There is something about fall that just makes us feel warm, cozy and excited for the impending holidays when we will gather to celebrate with all of our loved ones.

 Another thing that I love about fall is decorating for the season. I put my sea flora away, and bring out the pumkins and stocks of wheat. The thing I love the most about fall, is how cheap it is decorate. I bought some small whilte pumpkins and wheat at the grocery store, grabbed some mason jars and pine cones at Hobby Lobby, and gathered some things that I have around the house. I do not really have orange, yellow, or red in my home, so I went with some neutral and blue. Not exactly fall colors, but this is what I came up with.


 I also added some little pinecones to silver dish the coffee table trunk.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful season! What do you do to get ready for fall?


Bubble Bath

I’ve never had a large, fabulous bathroom to relax in. My dream bathroom would have a clawfoot tub, a large vanity with an upholstered chair, a great view, and fabulous lighting. I love looking at the bathrooms on Pinterest and imagining that it could be me in one of those spaces, relaxing after a long day at work. Here are my favorites that I have found on Pinterest. Just click on the picture to follow the link!

So clean and airy in this bathroom:

I love the vanity and cabinets in this bathroom:


Love this tub!

I want this mirror! The tub is great too!

 The ultimate girl bathroom…dreamy:

 What is your dream bathroom?