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Ghosts of Halloween Past

My mom is a Halloween costume genius, and all she needs is a box, scissors, and some wrapping paper. Very economical. We moved a lot when I was growing up, so I am sure that there was always a good sized box laying around. While you will see that the costumes  she made were both creative and adorable, I am still trying to figure out how my sisters and I agreed to wear them as they look extremely uncomfortable and even a bit dangerous. Here is a hilarious look at the many uses of a cardboard box to put you in the Halloween spirit!

Being the first child, I was naturally the first one to endure the box on Halloween. I am thinking that at age 4, my arms were finally long enough to allow my hands to peek out of the sides and hold my candy bucket…..barely.

Fortunately (for mom), we moved enough to where the idea of using a box for Halloween never lost its luster with the neighbors. Here is my sister, Katie, as a present a few years later. She looks thrilled about sitting in a box all day. Little did she know the box costume agony that was to befall her in a few short years.

Now…are you ready? This is the grand finale of box costumes. My mom still brags about this one, and really, I cannot blame her. Fortunately, I did not have to wear it, Katie did. As I look at this picture, I wonder if mom chose to hide her face because of the less than thrilled face she was making as a present. Or maybe she got grounded the night before, so mom decided to punish her with this costume. Either way, it makes for hilarious pictures. Don’t worry, Katie was not the only box that year. Mom softened the blow a bit by making Elizabeth a dice.

Yes folks, that is Katie dressed up as a dryer. I am sure you are wondering how she went trick or treating without being able to see anything. You can notice in the picture that she is already grasping for Elizabeth’s hand. Don’t worry… The dryer door conveniently swings open, but I am pretty sure Katie had to hold it like that in order to see all night. I am sure she bumped into several other trick or treaters that night…and possibly a tree or two. I am also sure that she was the only person with that costume, and must have won several Halloween party awards (or should I say mom won the awards). I hope you enjoyed this look at Halloweens gone by! Maybe you even got a few ideas:)

What is your favorite Halloween costume memory?



 When I was little I loved Halloween because it meant that I got to gather a gigantic bag of candy all for myself. I remember I used to not want to eat my candy because I would get so much that I wanted to save it, and then the Kit Kats would taste like strawberry Laffy Taffy, and the Starbursts would taste like York Peppermint patties, and the whole bag would be uneatable anyway.

  As I get older, I have not been as excited about Halloween. I hate scary costumes. Haunted Houses make me want to pass out. I have to close my eyes just to get through a scary movie preview. So, I usually just look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I don’t really think about  Halloween.

 Now that we will have a cute little munchkin to dress up next year, I guess I will have to get a bit more excited about Halloween. Since I have to start somewhere, I am thinking cute pumkin carving ideas and adorable baby costumes. Here are some of my favorites from the one and only Pinterest:



This little guy is adorable…


Look at this cutie…


 Forget the stroller. Just carry your baby lobster in around in a pot!


  I think this one is my favorite!

Happy Halloween!!

The Rumor is True…

We’re having a baby, and I couldn’t be more excited! The sweet, little bundle will be here in April, and even though that is 6 months away…I feel like it is just around the corner. So much to do to prepare for this little munchkin, and so little time.

We do not know what we are having yet, but I can’t help but do some early nursery browsing. Let’s be honest…I nursery surfed before I even knew I was pregnant, it is just way more fun now! While falling in love with a look is hard to do before you know the gender, it is still fun to start getting some ideas. Here are a few pictures that I have come across online. None of them are exactly what I would like, but each of them has some great elements. Click on the picture to follow the link:

I love the color and the idea of accent wall paper in this nursery:

 Fabulous lighting and panel fabric in this nursery:

Love the look of this with a little bit of color and pattern added:

 Nice and soft colors in this nursery:

This is my favorite nursery that I have seen so far.  The colors, patterns, and coziness of this nursery are just right. I am also a sucker for an iron crib. You can see more of this nursery here.

I have a couple of “nursery ideas” floating around in my head, especially for a girl’s nursery. They are just a little more fun to think about:) Some of my ideas include bead board, seagrass wall paper, and these two fabrics combined with a flax linen:

I’m taking any suggestions from moms for nursery ideas! Please share!:)