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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

 One thing that I really missed during my first 16 weeks was not being able to go shopping without getting sick or feeling like I was going to pass out. Even when I am not going to buy anything, I love to go walk through my favorite antique store, especially at this time of year. So…when I started to feel a little better a few weeks ago, guess what was the first thing I did? No…not eat a meal other than saltines and gatorade. I went to the antique store….and it was FABULOUS! All the booths had their Christmas decorations up, and it was like going to the North Pole, but better! They had some great deals on some really unique little treasures, and on a couple of lamps that I had been eyeing online for a long time, but would not dare pay the price they were asking for. I was in an antique Christmas heaven…and I wished that I could bring my sleeping bag and just camp out there for the whole month of December!

Here are some of the little treasures I found. Sometimes the smallest little details can make a big difference in my house.

I agree with Brick from Anchorman on one thing…I love lamp. I am a sucker for great lamps. I think they can really make a room. They are everywhere in my house, and I had been eyeing this pair for a while. When I saw these amazing lamps on super sale, I just could not pass up. Here is a picture of the beauties:

   Another home accessory that can add so much character is a wall sconce. Whether it is electric or just a candle sconce, it is something other than art or a mirror that always dresses up empty wall space. Every now and then, I come across these very detailed, floral sconces at the antique store. I already have two in my hallway and one in my guestroom. They are rustic and feminine at the same time. When I came across these two floral sconces, I felt no different. I had the perfect space for both of them. I

I love the addition of the ceramic roses to this rusted, old sconce.

 I really love the size and detail of this sconce. I also like the placement of the candles. I have an awkward space in my entryway that I just could not find the right thing for until this little guy caught my eye. It really completes the space.

  I also found a couple of vintage, french prints that were tucked in a tiny corner of the booth. I hung them in the hall outside our shabby guestroom. Just a little something to spruce up the hallway.

  Have you found any treasures lately?

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 The first 18 weeks of my pregnancy were not easy. I spent many hours sick on the bathroom floor, and I questioned whether I was pregnant or dying several times. I was so worried that I would feel this way for the Christmas season. Fortunately, I have really started to feel like myself again over the last couple of weeks….just in time for some holiday decorating!

I wanted a rustic, simple look this year. Not a lot of glitter and sparkles. More pine cones and burlap. I also wanted to use a lot of stuff that I already had to avoid spending a lot of money around the holiday season.

Hobby Lobby is my go to place for Christmas decorating. All of their Christmas decor is 50% from the second it hits the shelves…no waiting until after the season. I have bought a lot of ornaments and accents there over the years. This year I just bought a couple of pieces of simple garland with pine cones on it and some willow branches. I also found some really pretty, thick burlap ribbon and striped burlap ribbon.

Here are a few snapshots of Christmas at the Harris household:

Pine Cone Mantel:

A Little Bit of Garland for the Entryway:

 The Dining Room Table with a Touch of Berries:

 Now for the tree…I am not going to pretend that these pictures are from this year. This is my tree from last year, and the tree that I would put up this year would look exactly the same. It is full of pinecones, burlap, and vintage and mercury glass ornaments.  Since I am 5 months pregnant and we are in the house hunting process, it just seemed like another big chore to get it all out of the basement. I know it is so “Scrooge like”not to have a tree, and I do feel bad about it. All of the garland and pinecones make me feel a little bit better. So, here is the tree from last year that would be this year if I actually end up taking it out…

I hope this post has brought you some Christmas cheer! What is your favorite part of holiday decorating?