A Trip to Lewis and Sheron

Yesterday, Emma Rose took her first trip to my favorite fabric store in Atlanta, Lewis and Sheron. Emma Rose rarely cries except when she is hungry, so I decided that she was a good enough baby for me to venture into the great unknown of fabric shopping with a three month old.  I made sure that her belly was full and pacies were on hand. I had this image of myself running through the warehouse like a crazy woman with a stroller and crying baby. Although she was awake the entire time, Emma Rose proved me wrong! She smiled at all of the employees and babbled to herself as we walked up and down the aisles. In fact, this is what she looked like when I told her we were going fabric shopping! Please excuse my spacing again, I am determined to figure out what is going on! Be sure to scroll all the way down:)

Emma Rose

We went to the fabric store so that I could get some samples for a couple of clients. I am currently working on the master in the lake house that I wrote about last post. They love a mix of modern and traditional fabrics with a splash of color…LOVE!  We will be using a simple white duvet from PB with a navy border, along with these two patterns. So much fun!


The other fabrics are for a client who wants softer colors with a traditional, yet updated feel. Her kitchen and living room are one larget space. Nothing is final yet, but we have gone with a gray/khaki/gold color palate. Most of the house is already painted a goldish tone, so we will paint the kitchen and family room a light gray, and bring in these patterns to tie everything together. I really love this color palate.


I am also working on their formal living room, which will serve a dual purpose of a relxaing reading room and a room for entertaining. It is the first room you see when you walk in the house. Large windows and tall ceilings with wood floors.  The room will include a round, skirted ottoman surrounded by four cozy, yet tailored chairs. We will also have a buffet for entertaining purposes. We will use some soft blues/grays/browns to give a welcoming and relaxing feel. There are two options for this room. Option number one (and my favorite one)….


Option #2: This option uses more gold tones:


Ignore the jute table runner that snuck into the picture!

Such a fun day of work with my peanut…I think she might already have a love for design:)


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