Add a lot for a Little

Sometimes I close my eyes and dream about….Restoration Hardware. I am running around the store putting an orange dot on everything I want (which is everything in the store), and when I get to the register (with Ryan Reynolds as the cashier, of course), he says, “This one’s on me”. Sad dream to wake up from, I know.

Because the likelihood of this happening to me is slim to none, I have found alternative, thrifty ways to add character to my home without breaking the bank. Here are a few things around the house that cost a little, but make a big difference.

 I bought this lamp at Pottery Barn…it was on sale, but still a splurge for me. I LOVE the look of these lamps. The combination of the glass and the brassy color is perfect for the look of my home. I felt like this lamp was just missing something sitting on the white nightstand. I went to Ace Hardware and bought two packs of manilla rope, each in a different shade. Total cost: 22.00. I love the added texture.

Have any old cubes or ottomans sitting around? I got this cube in college. While I do love anything related to the Gators, there was not a place in my home for this guy. I went on  Etsy and found a great store called Ruffled Linens. They are of great quality, and very reasonably priced. This old cube has gone from this:

To this….ahhhh, much better!

We all know that the best things in life are free…epecially when it comes to sea flora. I went to visit my sister in Miami in March, and found the most unique pieces of sea flora just in time for my summer mantle! Jackpot! It was a bit of a hassle to dry them out, and the initial smell is not very pleasant. It was definitely worth it though!

The purple sea fan was my favorite find! The color is amazing!

Restoration Hardware has framed maps in a lot of their rooms. So pretty and soooo expensive. I set out to find a vintage map on Etsy. I wanted to find a picture of the Gulf and the Southest portion of the US, since that is where my husband and I are both from. I found one for 25.oo on Etsy. I then took it to Hobby Lobby. They have great barnwood frames there that have a vintage feel. I got it matted and framed and ended up spending 75.00 all together, as opposed to 275.00. Here is the final product:

 What thrify ways have you found to style your home?

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  1. #1 • David Posey said on August 23 2012:

    All great stuff. I think you should put the Gator cover back on the cube, though.