“Ahhhh perfect”.  This is the phrase that my husband says to me in a sarcastic tone when I get to moving things around in our house and finally find the right spot. There are very few rooms in our home that have stayed the exact same way that they were the first day that I decorated them, and he finds my constant redecorating to be very amusing. It is not that I always have something new to use, it is sometimes just moving existing things around until they are in the right spot. I am constantly seeing beautiful rooms in other’s homes, magazines, movies, etc, and I sometimes come home and try to create the look I love with what I have.

I have a guest bath off of our guest room that I have never loved the look of. I decorated it with “vintage” in mind, and for some reason it took on more of a “country vintage” feel. I also hated how the light switches were so noticeable. Here is what the bathroom looked like before:


Yesterday I went to Anthropologie and saw a wall collage of pictures and mirrors, and it came to me! That is what I need to do in the guest bath! It will have more of a vintage feel, and help mask the oddly placed light switches and outlets. I bought a couple of vintage ceramic knobs, some bright teal hand towels, and an “H” for the wall. The rest of the towels, accents, and wall mirrors/pictures were pieces that I had had for a while that did not have a home. Once I was done, I was so glad to realize that this moment was an “ahhhhh, perfect” moment, The bathroom finally has the feel I wanted, and the change only cost about 50.00! Here are some pictures of the “new vintage feel”. Hope you enjoy!


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