Breaking the Rules

     The first thing a lot of people notice when they come into our home is the color scheme, or lack thereof.  There is something about a natural color pallete that puts me at ease. There are a lot of soft greens, blues and browns in our home. The colors are calming and subtle, and bring in a sense of nature. But…..the sunroom is different. There is not a color, pattern, or style that is not allowed in this room. The walls are painted a grayish mocha, which sets a backdrop for color madness!

  I have had this white buffet that I purchased at a quaint, shabby chic store on the beach in Jacksonville. It was one of my first purchases after my husband and I got engaged. I was so excited that I was going to be able to decorate a home, and shabby was on my mind. It was the perfect piece at the perfect price in that moment.  Here she is in her original form:

     Not bad, but not too interesting either.

  They sell Annie Sloan chalkpaint at my favorite antique store in Alpharetta called Queen of Hearts. Everytime I go, I stare at the Antibes Green sample wondering where I could fit the bright, risky, fabulous color in my home. The drab, white buffet needed a little kick, and Antibes green was perfect for the job! I started working on the piece the day that I brought the paint home. I had been imagining it for at least a week, and I needed to see it come to fruition right away! I must admit, it shocked me a little at first….

EEEEkkkkkkkkk! That is GREENNNN!

    Wow! If you saw the rest of my home, you would be absolutely shocked at this paint choice, as was I. I sent a picture to my mom…her reply…”Wow, Lauren, that is green”. I continued, however, and reminded myself that I would be toning it down with gray and adding crystal knobs. I also had one of my favorite framed prints that my parents had given me for my eighth grade graduation that I just knew would be the perfect vintage addition to the funky, green buffet. I began to add some gray and do a little sanding (doing all of this with fingers crossed and very high hopes). I start to feel a bit calmer right about now…

Panic attack is coming to an end.

     I used long, soft strokes and a wet cloth to blend in some gray with the green. I also sanded the edges with an electric sander.  I then added some clear and dark wax to give it a more aged look. The crystal knobs came from Hobby Lobby. I love how they add some vintage and lighten up the piece. Here is the final unveiling….put your shades!!:)

   I love all the layers of color, and they way the vintage print looks sitting on this piece.

  Everyone should have a room in their home where they take a little bit of risk and make it their own hodge podge of color and style.  I am so glad I took the chance on Antibes green…this little white buffet has never looked more interesting, and the girl in the blue dress is loving her new spot!

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  1. #1 • JuliAnne said on June 5 2012:

    Do you know of anywhere in jax that sells chalk paint?

  2. #2 • admin said on June 5 2012:

    Hey! I am not sure about a store in Jax, but I do know of an online store! Here is the link:

  3. #3 • Rachel said on June 13 2012:

    Luxury for Less in Ponte Vedra sells Annie Sloan chalk paint!