Bubble Bath

I’ve never had a large, fabulous bathroom to relax in. My dream bathroom would have a clawfoot tub, a large vanity with an upholstered chair, a great view, and fabulous lighting. I love looking at the bathrooms on Pinterest and imagining that it could be me in one of those spaces, relaxing after a long day at work. Here are my favorites that I have found on Pinterest. Just click on the picture to follow the link!

So clean and airy in this bathroom:

I love the vanity and cabinets in this bathroom:


Love this tub!

I want this mirror! The tub is great too!

 The ultimate girl bathroom…dreamy:

 What is your dream bathroom?


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  1. #1 • David Posey said on September 12 2012:

    How about a bathroom for the man of the house