A Whole New (Old) Look!

 I have been so excited about this bedroom change in our home. I always like the back guest bedroom, but something about it felt too country and dated to me. I wanted an updated, yet still vintage look. I also wanted more patterns and color. Here is what the room looked like before:

  How many of you love Anthropologie? Now, how many of you love the prices in Anthropologie? Neither do I! Everytime I go in there I leave feeling a little sad because I love everything so much and can only buy one tiny candle for 50.00. A tip that I have learned while decorating our house is to splurge on the focal points. The quilt in this room is something that  I splurged on at Anthro. I did not want to get rid of it because I love it so much and it was pricey, so I worked it into the new room. It is amazing how one quilt can have two totally different looks in one room. The other piece in here that I have had forever is the blue armoire, however it was not always blue. It used to be just sitting in the basement in an ugly brown stain. I painted it for the beach, but we ended up not having the right spot for it. So, we brought it home for this room and I love it! I just finished the room this morning, and wanted to share some pictures. The only thing I am waiting on are some more egg print pictures so that I can take up the whole side of the wall with a framed egg print collage. I am going to detail where I found everything in case something catches your eye! Here is the reveal!



These are the prints that I am going to order more of. It will be a total of 9 framed prints.My favorite thing in the room!


My favorite thing in the room!


Here is a list of where I found most of the pieces!
1) Ikat fabric is Robert Allen Khanjali Glacial. I found it online at Mary Jo’s Cloth store. It was for the amazing price of 12.95 a yard! That is about half of price of everywhere else I looked.
2) I hade the curtains and pillows made by JoAnn from Simply Divine Designs of Etsy. She did a fabulous job! Here is the link to her store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/simplydivinebyjoann?ref=seller_info
3) The bottles on top of the armoire, the picture over the bed, the floral candelabra, and the small teal table by the chair are all from Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta. I got the floral print framed at Hobby Lobby.
4) The floor lamp is from Amazon.com.
5) Driftwood is from Z Gallerie, and the bronze tub is from my mom:) Thanks mom!
6) The egg prints are from a great little shop on Etsy. Here is the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Architiques9890
7) The striped duvet and shams are from Pottery Barn.
8) The glass lamp is also from PB. I found the manilla rope at Ace Hardware and put it inside.
8) The linen skirt over the ottoman was also purchased from a store on Etsy. I have an old Gator cube from college, and just covered it with the skirt! I love this shop! It is called Ruffled Linens. Here is the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ruffledlinens?ref=seller_info
I think that covers everything! Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!
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  1. #1 • JuliAnne said on June 29 2012:

    Love all of this! I can’t believe you found that fabric for such a great price!

  2. #2 • Katie said on June 29 2012:

    Hi, where are the tan euro pillows from ?

  3. #3 • admin said on July 5 2012:

    Hi Katie!
    I actually got these pillows a couple of months ago at Homegoods. They are Ralph Lauren. I have seen some recently at the Homegoods near me. They are very nicely made for a great deal…definitely worth a trip to Homegoods to see if they have any!

  4. #4 • Candice said on April 7 2014:

    I LOVE the fabric of your curtains!!! I went to Hancock this weekend and was looking at ticking (planning to do a vintage/farmhouse vibe in the home we are currently building), and stumbled across this Robert Allen fabric and started totally re-thinking the entire house! 🙂
    I love that you combined it with stripes (maybe even ticking?!?) on the foot of the bed! Maybe I can also have my Robert Allen and ticking!
    You are right – MaryJo’s is the cheapest (by far!) that I have found it too, glad to hear you got such a deal!
    This room is truly beautiful – thank you for sharing!