Cottage Nursery for Emma Rose

Emma Rose is here! She was born a couple of weeks early on April 12, 2013, and she was 6 lbs 8 oz, and 19 inches long. The nursery is officially complete now that she is here, and we are just so in love with our little peanut!

This post has been a long time coming, but every new mom knows the sleep deprivation that takes over your life during the first few weeks of the baby’s life. I am not sure that I could have written a cohesive blog entry before today, given the fact that I could barely talk straight the last few weeks. With that said, this post will be full of nursery pictures and not a lot of writing. Enjoy, and I promise to be back to consistently blogging again soon!

Note: We did find a new house, and will be moving into it in October when it is done being built. We are thrilled!! The only downside to this is that I could not ask my husband to install the chandelier in this house, only to have to take it down a few months later and install it in the new house. I am sad not to have it in the room because lighting really does make or break a space. I will have to share photos again when we move into the new house and incorporate the chandelier with what I have now:)

Let the tour begin!

DSC_0160The CribDSC_0139DSC_0142DSC_0136DSC_0141DSC_0147DSC_0190DSC_0158DSC_0182DSC_0173emma rose blog




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  1. #1 • Donna said on May 6 2013:

    So happy for you and hubs! I knew that nursery would be every bit as pretty as it is!!

  2. #2 • David Posey said on May 6 2013:


  3. #3 • Monica Goldstein said on May 6 2013:

    You are so talented! What a beautiful room.

  4. #4 • Annie said on May 6 2013:

    Congrats Lauren! She is beautiful (just like her Momma) and the nursery is perfect! xo, Annie

  5. #5 • Linda Clauson said on May 7 2013:

    well that is one nursery I want to live in!
    Who wouldn’t be in love with that precious darling!!
    Nice job and look forward to more pics. of everyone and everything.

  6. #6 • admin said on May 7 2013:

    Thank you everybody! It was so much fun to do her nursery, and it is even better being a momma!

  7. #7 • Chelley Chavez said on November 8 2013:

    What brand is that crib. I must have it

  8. #8 • admin said on November 14 2013:

    Hi! It has been a great crib. It is by Young America, which is owned by Stanley Furniture. It comes in tons of colors.