Cotton Balls

I have never met someone who loved cotton more than my sister Katie. Her love affair with cotton began when she was just a baby. She had a bunny with a cotton tail, and she used to rub the cotton tail on her nose while she sucked her thumb. This turned into a cotton love affair for her, and we began to affectionately call her “Cotton Katie”. She sucked her thumb while rubbing a cotton ball under her nose for years.  My mom says that she would find cotton in Katie’s bed, between her toes, and even in her diapers! While her cotton affair has long been over, mine has just begun!

While getting ideas for decorating at the beach, I came across a lot of pictures of cotton used as decor. I already loved using cotton in apothecary jars as decor, and I thought that I must find a a way to use cotton in our room at the beach. The bathroom ended up being the perfect place for the cotton. It makes a big statement, but still has a soft and cozy feel. I will definitely have to hide it when Cotton Katie comes to visit…I am sure it will be tempting!

Cotton used as decor in our bathroom at the beach!


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  1. #1 • David Posey said on May 22 2012:

    I know Cotton Katie!! LOve the pictures!