Farmhouse and Family

   Some of my favorite memories from growing up took place at the dinner table. Stories, jokes, laughters, tears, arguments over who would do the dishes, celebrations of achievements from volleyball victories, to college acceptance letters, to engagements. To me, the place where you eat represents so much more that just a room with table and chairs. It is a place for families to share funny stories, memories, and good food.

   Although most of our house has more of a cottage feel, I do like the farmhouse look. We do not have a breakfast nook in our kitchen, so when we have guests or family, our dining room is where we eat. For this reason, I wanted to create a cozy, relaxed feel more than a formal dining space. When I look at this space, I just feel happy and peaceful. The red in the curtains reminds me of my mom because she LOVES red in her house. The white and blue porcelain lamp was in my bedroom as a child. I always thought it was a beautiful lamp, and my mom graciously gave it to me for our house! I also have a silver dish that I received as a wedding gift that was a wedding gift to my great grandmother years ago.  

  We all have pieces in our home that mean more to us that just being a table to sit at, or just a lamp to turn on. They represent special times, people, and memories and create in us a sense of “home”. What have you used in your house that makes it a “home”?

My childhood bedroom lamp
My great grandmother’s silver platter

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