For the Love of Ivy

  Do you remember the movie “Jumanji”? You know the part when the house starts turning into a jungle, and vines and leaves are growing out of the walls? They actually used these shots of my mom’s house in their movie.


This little chair and table set is located just next to it.

Not really the Jumanji house, but close to it! My sister and I walked up to this little area, and counted about 7 ivy plants in a 10×5 space. We both said “This is like Jumanji!” Although mom was very sad to get rid of her ivy, she agreed to go shopping to find some modern touches. We went to Homegoods where we found some great new greenery and accessories!

Some greenery to replace the ivy!


 The first thing that we decided to do was to have less shelves. We wanted the shelf spaces to be higher, and we were going with the theme that “less is more” as we accessorized. We took out a shelf on the far left and far right alcoves. We then rearranged the remaining shelves. We kept the same amount of shelves in the middle alcove, but rearranged them to allow for different heights on each shelf. We also plan on painting the background of the unit and warm khaki color. This will give some warmth and depth to the shelving unit. All white is just too bright and causes some of the accessories to get lost. We plan on painting the back of the unit next time I am visiting, but we did finish accessorizing while I was there. Mom already had a lot of great old pictures and pieces on her shelves that we incorporated with the new, more modern touches we bought. If you have ever had to accessorize a large shelving unit, you know that it takes forever! I think we were rearranging and staring at these shelves for at least 4 hours! Here is the outcome:

   Mom also agreed to let me get rid of some of the ivy in her family room. This room is very spacious and tall, so we needed something on the coffee table that would not get lost in the room. This is what it looked like before:

Just look at all that lovely, flowing ivy!:)

   Since it is no longer 1995, we went for a more modern look. My mom had the vase and hydrangeas already, and we went to Michael’s to look for pieces to complete the arrangement. Here is the updated, ivy free arrangement!


   I think we got rid of a total of 10 ivy plants or so, which is a big accomplishment for mom! She was very pleased with the outcome….now we only have about 25 more ivy plants in the house that need to go! That’s not an exaggeration:)

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  1. #1 • Linda Clauson said on June 29 2012:

    I understand about daughters wanting to help ole mom out to update her home. It looks great I really like the coffee table

  2. #2 • Rachel Johnson said on July 1 2012:

    I love your sense of humor and could hear your voice saying all these things as I was reading. Keep up the posts!

  3. #3 • admin said on July 5 2012:

    Thanks Linda! Mom and I have had so much fun doing all the little updates!