Fun with Florals

If I could have my way, I would buy a new bouquet of fresh flowers for every vase in my house each week. My home would be filled with hydrangeas, peonies, and willow branches. That is what I had at my wedding, and I would just love it if I could have fresh arrangements in my home that looked like this all the time. Photography by Rebecca Davison Photography and Meg Doyle Photography of Jacksonville, Florida.




 Since keeping fresh arrangements like this in our homes would be outrageously expensive and a lot of work, we have to find alternatives to fresh flowers. I have been afraid of silk flowers for a long time. My mom has made some beautiful arrangements with them, but I have seen so many times where they look cheap and dated, even if they are on the nicer end. I have made a couple of arrangements using silk flowers lately, and I have learned that adding natural elements (sticks, willow branches, etc), can really help to make the silk flowers look more natural and up to date. Here are some examples:

This is the arrangement I made for my mom for her house.


This is the arrangement that I made for the front table at our beach house. I used silk hydrangeas, willow sticks, willow sticks with small white flowers on them, and dark brown cat tail accents. The vase was filled with moss:

I still have not ventured to use any silk florals in my home. I really love using natural, dried florals. I have used a lot of dried hydrangeas, willow branches, dried roses, seed balls, cotton and lavender, and even some feathers. Here are some examples:

The lavendar has a slight fragrance, and I love smelling it as I walk by.

These hydranges are on my kitchen table. They are dried.

Dried roses in the bathroom:

 Cotton in our bathroom at the beach:

Willow branches and feathers in our livint room:

 Seedball in our bedroom:

 Hydrangeas and branches in the basement:



 What kind of florals do you usually use in your home? I hope this post has given you some ideas!

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