Back to School and Gallery Walls

It has been a very busy couple of weeks getting my classroom together, having the first week with all of my new students, and house hunting in the afternoons/evenings and weekends. I had to move classrooms this year, which made for an extra busy couple of weeks…especially for someone like me who feels the need to decorate their elementary school classroom as if it were their home. My husband even let me take his old lazy boy for the reading center in my classroom. I am not sure if I am happier about having it in my classroom for the kids, or just having that hunter green, microfiber monster  out of our home! I do not have any pictures of my new classroom, but it is not much different than my old “jungle theme” space. 

I am thrilled to have some time on this lazy Sunday to get back to blogging and day dreaming about home decor. It is a great way to relax at the end of a busy week. One of my favorite trends these days is the gallery wall. They are a great way to take up a large wall space without having to spend a ton of money on a gigantic mirror or painting. They also give a room a collected, cozy feel.


My husband even made a gallery wall in his office. He did not create this wall with a gallery wall in mind, he was simply trying to maximize wall space in the only room in the home where pictures of Bear Bryant and Alabama football, war paintings, and turkey mounts are allowed. Not too shabby for a guy, if I may say so myself.


 I follow a blog that a couple of decorators in Atlanta have called Milk and Honey Home. I just love everything they do! They are the absolute masters at gallery walls. You should definitely visit their portfolio on their blog if you are thinking of creating a gallery wall, or just love vintage decor all together.

Pinterest is another great source for gallery wall ideas:




I hope everyone is enjoying the start of school! I won’t let two weeks go by again now that I am all settled in for the school year!

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