Goodbye Summer

 Well, I have officially entered the last 12 hours of my summer vacation. I slept as late as I possibly could today (even though I wasn’t even tired) just because I know that sleep deprivation and high stress will set in in approximatley 2 weeks. While I am sad to see another summer go, I am excited to see all of my little munchkins walk into my classroom with their new backpacks, pencils, and sweet little smiles. I will continue to remind myself of this “love at first day of school” feeling when they raise their hand  shout out to inform me that their reading partner has punched them, or when they cry because they have apples for a snack when they would rather have their friend’s Cheetos.  I thought we could take a look at some beautiful, relaxing summer styled rooms before I officially say goodbye.  I may have to revisit this post often between now and next May:) Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest.

 Just makes me want to make a pina colada and read on the beach all day!

 Cozy little nook. I think I could sit here all day!

I could cozy up here after a day on the water.

Wood and bedding in this room…yum!:



 Goodbye summer…I will miss you so!

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  1. #1 • David Posey said on August 11 2012:

    Hello Gator Football season!