When I was little I loved Halloween because it meant that I got to gather a gigantic bag of candy all for myself. I remember I used to not want to eat my candy because I would get so much that I wanted to save it, and then the Kit Kats would taste like strawberry Laffy Taffy, and the Starbursts would taste like York Peppermint patties, and the whole bag would be uneatable anyway.

  As I get older, I have not been as excited about Halloween. I hate scary costumes. Haunted Houses make me want to pass out. I have to close my eyes just to get through a scary movie preview. So, I usually just look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I don’t really think about  Halloween.

 Now that we will have a cute little munchkin to dress up next year, I guess I will have to get a bit more excited about Halloween. Since I have to start somewhere, I am thinking cute pumkin carving ideas and adorable baby costumes. Here are some of my favorites from the one and only Pinterest:



This little guy is adorable…


Look at this cutie…


 Forget the stroller. Just carry your baby lobster in around in a pot!


  I think this one is my favorite!

Happy Halloween!!

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