It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 The first 18 weeks of my pregnancy were not easy. I spent many hours sick on the bathroom floor, and I questioned whether I was pregnant or dying several times. I was so worried that I would feel this way for the Christmas season. Fortunately, I have really started to feel like myself again over the last couple of weeks….just in time for some holiday decorating!

I wanted a rustic, simple look this year. Not a lot of glitter and sparkles. More pine cones and burlap. I also wanted to use a lot of stuff that I already had to avoid spending a lot of money around the holiday season.

Hobby Lobby is my go to place for Christmas decorating. All of their Christmas decor is 50% from the second it hits the shelves…no waiting until after the season. I have bought a lot of ornaments and accents there over the years. This year I just bought a couple of pieces of simple garland with pine cones on it and some willow branches. I also found some really pretty, thick burlap ribbon and striped burlap ribbon.

Here are a few snapshots of Christmas at the Harris household:

Pine Cone Mantel:

A Little Bit of Garland for the Entryway:

 The Dining Room Table with a Touch of Berries:

 Now for the tree…I am not going to pretend that these pictures are from this year. This is my tree from last year, and the tree that I would put up this year would look exactly the same. It is full of pinecones, burlap, and vintage and mercury glass ornaments.  Since I am 5 months pregnant and we are in the house hunting process, it just seemed like another big chore to get it all out of the basement. I know it is so “Scrooge like”not to have a tree, and I do feel bad about it. All of the garland and pinecones make me feel a little bit better. So, here is the tree from last year that would be this year if I actually end up taking it out…

I hope this post has brought you some Christmas cheer! What is your favorite part of holiday decorating?




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