Lake Oconee Design Photos

I have really enjoyed decorating this beautiful lake house for the Busing family. Their style is representative of them…bright and fun, yet cozy and welcoming. They have become great friends during this project, and I have very much enjoyed helping them to make their house a home. We worked together to pick out paint colors, lighting, furniture, accent pillows, and rugs. The foyer and master sitting room are yet to be finished, but it feels great to have gotten several large spaces done. I hope the Busings enjoy their design for years to come! Some snapshots to enjoy…

Master bedding. Vibrant color and pattern!


Even Sadie loved the new threads!

Powder room: Simple, rustic detail

Kitchen: Simple, clean, and rustic all rolled into one beautiful space!



Family room: Bright and cozy. Love the open feel, orb chandelier, and ceiling beams that are to die for!




Downstairs media room sofa: Casual and comfortable after a long day on the water

Thanks for looking and one of my favorite new spaces!

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  1. #1 • Brittany Johnson said on September 9 2013:

    Looks great Lauren! Do you mind sharing where you got those patterned pillows (or fabric) in the master bedroom? I recently bought the same PB bedding for our room. Our walls are a soft green (a bit lighter than the pillow in your last picture) and I would love to incorporate other colors. I’ve not had any luck finding any fabric/pillows that are “grown up” enough so have thought of settling on navy patterned euro pillows but I’d love to not be limited to just navy! Love your blog…you are so talented! 🙂

  2. #2 • admin said on September 12 2013:

    Hey Brittany!
    Thank you so much! I found the pillows on Etsy. They are even prettier in person! Here is the link:

  3. #3 • Nancy said on November 11 2013:

    What paint color is that in the kitchen?

  4. #4 • admin said on November 14 2013:

    Hi Nancy!
    The color in the kitchen is Dovetail by Sherwin Williams. Great color!