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Life has been incredibly busy, but that is a good thing! Sweet baby girl is growing so fast, and I have several big projects that I am working on. While I feel the sting of midnight bed time in my eyes, it is a little less painful when I know that I am truly in love with my work. It is no small feat having Emma Rose home with me and designing, but I would not have it any other way. I get to spend my days doing what I love, with the best design assistant around…She may be 10 months, but she has great taste:) I have a few big projects that are coming to an end. The big pieces are in, and I am waiting to get all of the styling done as our pieces come in. With that said…here are some recent photos. Please excuse the quality as the I phone is just a bit easier to lug around than our big old camera!

Loving this living room. Classy, cozy, soft….ahhhhh. A real treat for a mom of three boys who works very hard taking care of her adorable family! Twiggy floral arrangements will flank the fireplace and a botanical print gallery wall with beautiful sconces to come!

LH MB living room 1

LH MB living room 2

Notice the church pugh in the room. This is from a church that was in the owner’s family in south Ga. I love using pieces with meaning.

Lh MB living room 3

LH MB living room 4

Lh MB living room 5

I laid this rug down in a space for a young bachelor who has excellent taste!

LH GR rug

I am so excited to have a client who loves creams, blues, linen, and french design. I am in love, and it is with two benches for their dining area that is not yet complete. What a treat to design for this great couple with fabulous taste:) A lot more photos to come from this project!

LH RJ kitchen design

Somehow, Jeff and I have found time to work on our house as well. We are not done yet, but it is coming together slowly but surely. It is finally starting to feel like home. Here is a little peek into what is shaping up around here.

The kitchen is one of the few spaces that I can surely say is done. Good thing, because a lot of time spent in this space! I am really enjoyg the patterns, textures, and layers in this space.

LH kitchen

LHI breakfast nook

I have to admit that I love a good plate on the wall. I picked up the floral plates from an antiques shop in the area. They are from England. I had the white plates just tucked away in a cabinet.

LH kitchen 2

This wall separates the dining room from the kitchen. I think I will add some tone on tone flocked wall paper to give it a little pop since we have white walls.

Lh dining room 4

There is a small powder room in the back that is surely becoming one of my favorite spaces. I did a shower curtain with a cornice to the ceiling to give some height to a small room. The architectural prints are my absolute favorite, and I also love the mirror in the space. As always, the lighting in here completes the look. Nothing changes a space like a new light fixture.

Lh powder room 1

Lh powder room3

Lh powder room2

LH powder room4

One of the things that Jeff and I really liked about this floor plan, was the open staircase to the basement. The builder finishes out a small portion that you can see from the stairwell. I wanted to make this space a nook for guests to sleep and relax in when we had a lot of company. I have wanted a day bed for years now, and I got this one from the LAG booth at Queen Of Hearts! I LOVE it! The prints above it belonged to my Nana and Papa, who have bothed passed away. I remember them hanging on their living room wall as I was growing up, and it is very special to me to have a piece of them in our home.
Lh nook 4

Lh nook 3

LH nook 2

LH nook 1

Emma Rose’s play room:

LHI play room

We have several things we still need to do in our room, but we did get a bed. It is my dream bed. We will have this FOREVER!

LH bed

My office is coming along, but we are still missing the most important piece…a desk! I should get it in the next few weeks, and Jeff has promised to build some shelves. Everything in time.

Lh office

I have always wanted a “grown up” dining room. I can remember loving the dining room as a child at our home in Texas. It had pink damask wallpaper (sounds scary, but it really was beautiful), silk drapes, and an ornately carved fireplace. I am so thrilled to have a dining room to decorate. This is another space that is done, except for a table centerpiece full of fresh flowers!

LH dining room 1

Lh dining room 5

The dupioni silk I used has great slub, which is such a weird word to describe silk, but it just means that it is full of texture. I used it on the panels and pillows. I had some linen slipcovers made for the chairs for a pop of color, and I trimmed the host and hostess chair to let them stand out. I also trimmed the curtains with the same thing.

LH dining room2

LH dining room 3

Lh dining room 7

The chandelier is over 100 years old. The bead work is so intricate. It is my favorite piece of lighting in the house.

LH chandelier

They foyer is close to being done as well. I would love to find an old archtitectural piece to hang just above the door frame, but I have not found the right thing yet.

Lh foyer 3

Lh foyer 4

LH foyer 2

I found this authentic olive jar at Queen of Hearts as well. It brings so much character and texture to this space.
LH foyer 1

LH olive jar

As always, thank you so much for stopping by to read the blog! Please contact me for any design needs you may have! Lauren Harris Interiors, 404-274-1223, Have a great rest of the week!



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