Time for a Trim

There are a lot of ways to update your home, but one of the best ways, aside from lighting and paint, is to change out your pillows and drapes. It is easy to create a new, updated look using a few new fabrics. There are tons of pillows out there, and it is true that you can come across some attractive ones at Homegoods, Pottery Barn, etc. Same is true for curtain panels and drapes. So…why go through the whole ordeal of getting custom accents for your home? There is nothing prettier than a custom pillow. You can be guaranteed that no one else will have the same look as you. It is custom tailored to your home, your taste, and your family’s lifestyle. You can add tons of texture and pattern into one single piece that your friends and guests in your home are sure to “oohh” and “ahh” over!

I am currently working on a few projects in which we are making custom pillows and curtain panels, and, in my opinion, these pieces are going to make the room. Yes, people will marvel at the new sofa, the beautiful rug, the custom coffee table, and the antique pugh from the family’s church, but it will be the the little details…the patterns, the textures, the colors…of the the custom pillows and curtains that will really bring life to these rooms.

One of the best ways to add subtle pattern to pillows or curtains is through the use of “tape trim”. You can add it as a frame in the center of a pillow, or it can be placed as two parallel lines running vertically on a pillow. It can also be added onto the edge of a curtain panel, and suddenly your solid, boring curtains have a fabulous facelift! Below I am going to share some of the fabrics I am using in my projects.

These fabrics are going into a “semi-formal” living room space. They wanted a room to entertain guests in that felt a bit more formal than their family room, but they still want the room to feel inviting and comfortable. The couch will be a solid linen. The two skirted chairs will be done in the tone on tone stripe fabric. The sofa will have two pillows made of the floral fabric with the rope cordinf, and the center pillow on the sofa will be the striped fabric, but we will add the gold and blue striped tape trim as a frame in the center of the pillow. The small, unique touches of trim on the pillow will make a huge difference! The striped chairs will have the solid blue linen on it in the form of lumbar pillows, with two parallel lines running vertically in the Greek key trim. The curtain panels will also be in this fabric, and the Greek key trim will line the inside edges of the panel. The family has an amazing old church pugh that will go along the back wall of this room. We will have two floral pillows with the rope cording, and two pillows made with the stripe fabric on one side and dot fabric on the other (so the clients can choose from the two patterns). Those pillows will have a cording around them in the blue fabric used on the panels. To top it all off….my favorite thing in the room…the church pugh will have a very long lumbar in the center of it (35×10). This pillow will be made of a delicious blue velvet in the same shade as the curtain panels, trimmed out in a goldish/taupe cording, and we will use the fringed tape shown to create a box in the center of the pillow. Remember, it is okay to mix fabrics in a room. Linen and velvet married in one space make a to die for combination. I can hardly wait to see this room come together!!! Side note…the solid linen fabric appears a lot darker in the photo than the true color. It is about a shade darker than the rug in person.

B Living Room Fabrics

For the next project, I am updating a family room with new pillows, paint, a rug, and curtain panels. We will keep all of the brown leather sofas in the room, and give this space a custom face lift! The floral fabric will be made into pillows, as will the blue stripe. I will create a frame on the striped pillow using the taupe tape trim shown. We will use the neutral chevron fabric for a bench seat. The seat will be accented with two pillows made with the solid blue linen and wide trellis and floral tape in two parallel, vertical lines running down each pillow. There are two options for the curtain panels; either the blue stripe, or the solid linen with the trellis trim. I also plan to add a few blue PB linen pillows with the single brown button in the middle. Mixing a little custom with a little pre-made can be a great way to save some money. Please forgive my not so great I phone camera that gives every picture I take a slight shade of yellow.

G fabric 1

G fabric 2

On another note, it is my favorite time of year! I love the fall, and I usually create a fall mantel. Since we are moving in a month, all of my fall stuff is packed away. I would have loved to have climbed over the towers of boxes and opened each one to look for my fall pieces because I love them so, however Jeff would not have loved that. I could not keep my extremely summery sea flora on the mantel, so I had to work with whatever alternatives were available. It does not look fallish at all, but I am loving the change.


I love this old photo. I bought it on Etsy, and it is chalk-full on nostalgia.


We are headed to the pumpkin patch with Emma Rose tomorrow. I cannot wait to see her sweet little face light up when we get there! I am hoping to find a couple of white pumpkins for the mantel.

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember…”When in doubt, trim it out!”

tape trim

Recent Make Overs Big and Small

A lot has been happening around here, and I am feeling busy yet blessed to be doing something I love! I never dreamed that business would pick up so quickly, and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that I have had to help people design their homes. While several projects are in the works (and not ready for pictures yet), I do have a couple of in progress pictures to share!

This beautiful home was in need of a new plan for the kitchen and family room. First thing on the list….paint! A dramatic change…cherry red to Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. I am in love. So open and airy!

billington red

Billing GrayBillington family room

I have also completed a small chair make over for a “Marie Antoinette Inspired” bedroom:

From “eeekkkk”:

To “French Inspired Chic” (love the Dupioni on the cushion done by a fabulous seamstress I use):
r chair 3

r chair 2

r chair 1

I have also got a living room in the works full of shades of blue, gray and taupe; rustic wood, linen and velvet…so dreamy!

More updates to come soon! Have a fabulous week!


I Just Can’t Get Enough of…

1) These fabric plans for a couple of current projects I am working on:


billington fabrics

2)These amazing wingbacks, and Mr. Aidan Gray’s newest lighting collection…LOVE
wingback 1

wingback 2

aiden gray 1

aidan gray 6

aidan gray 5

aidan gray 4

aidan gray 3

aidan gray 2

Lake Oconee Design Photos

I have really enjoyed decorating this beautiful lake house for the Busing family. Their style is representative of them…bright and fun, yet cozy and welcoming. They have become great friends during this project, and I have very much enjoyed helping them to make their house a home. We worked together to pick out paint colors, lighting, furniture, accent pillows, and rugs. The foyer and master sitting room are yet to be finished, but it feels great to have gotten several large spaces done. I hope the Busings enjoy their design for years to come! Some snapshots to enjoy…

Master bedding. Vibrant color and pattern!


Even Sadie loved the new threads!

Powder room: Simple, rustic detail

Kitchen: Simple, clean, and rustic all rolled into one beautiful space!



Family room: Bright and cozy. Love the open feel, orb chandelier, and ceiling beams that are to die for!




Downstairs media room sofa: Casual and comfortable after a long day on the water

Thanks for looking and one of my favorite new spaces!

Homegoods Happy!

Made a trip to my favorite store today…Homegoods. The best place to find home accessories at very affordable prices; I am sure of it! I rarely leave Homegoods without something in hand. Today was no different. I’m using these goodies to style a lake house interior tomorrow. Can’t wait for some design fun!

homegoods 1


Jewelry for the Home

Every girl loves a nice piece of jewelry. My birthday is coming up this month, and I am asking for jewelry large, wooden, rustic, antique brass, dripping in crystals jewelry. That may sound a little strange, but there is good reason. This jewelry is not for me (or at least not for me to wear), it is for the new house!!! And yes, houses wear jewelry.

The single best way to make a house have its own unique character is through hanging lighting that reflects your personal taste, rather than that of the builder’s. Ever since we decided to build the house, I told Jeff that the one thing I would have to be a stickler about is our lighting. I had to be able to pick my own. This would put our own personal stamp on the home, and set it apart on the interior from other homes. Think about your favorite black dress. It is nice, new, stylish, made well, but something is missing until you throw on the perfect earrings and dazzling shoes.

So, for my birthday this year, I will buy my house some jewelry. I think she will really enjoy it. Here is some of the jewelry that the new place will be sporting!


This will hang over the kitchen table. I got it at Luckett’s online store:.
kitchen chandelier

A couple of these pendants(far left) will hang above the island (also from Lucketts). I am thinking I will use Edison bulbs:
kitchen pendants

Foyer and stairwell:
The foyer and the stairwell both have a lighting fixture, so I am going with two medium size chandeliers, rather than a single large chandeleir. The stairwell goes from the basement level to the second level, so it has space for two large sconces. Lighting fixtures can be found here and here:

foyer chandy

stair sconce

Dining Room:
The dining room will be a mixture of rustic woods and feminine silk drapery and lighting dripping with crystals. I love the rustic/formal combo. The fixtures are from Lamps Plus.

dining chandy

dining sconce

My office:
I bought a chandelier like this one off of Ebay. It was originally intended for the dining room, but I have since decided to hang it in my office. Ebay has great deals on vintage brass and crystal chandeliers:
antique brass chandy

Dreaming up a spot for this beauty. Maybe in the master bath. I LOVE this fixture from Layla Grace:

bathroom chandy

What kind of jewelry does your home wear?

Drab to Fab!

I bought a bedroom set off of Craigslist with the intent to fix it up and sell. It has the most beautiful bones, and of course…I want to keep it for myself! Fortunately, one of my clients jumped on the idea of using the headboard in the bedroom that I am designing for her before I found a good enough reason to keep it here! The client wants a feminine, vintage type feel.
Since the stain was very dark, and chalk paint does not require sanding the stain off, I painted a layer of gray paint before doing the cream color as a “primer”. Sometimes really dark stains will show through the white chalk paint, and I wanted to avoid that problem. I then applied two layers of Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I applied a mixture of dark and clear stain, and then two coats of Old White again! I wanted the look to be vintage, yet clean. To achieve this, I painted back over the dark wax until the look was just right. I cannot wait to see it in the bedroom!

headboard 1

headboard 2


Front Door Decor

Football season is a few short weeks away, and I can barely contain my excitement! When we were in college, my friend Amy and I bonded over Gator football. She was the first girl I had ever met that loved it as much as I did! Amy took her love for football and creative genius, and she combined them to make her Etsy shop, Amy’s Front Door Decor..

She makes adorable wreaths for many SEC teams, and a few others! Check them out and get one before the season arrives!!

bama wreath

GA wreath

gator wreath

Go Gators!!

Vintage Beauty For Sale

When I first grabbed this beauty, it was covered in yellowish gold velvet that had been worn through the years. Definitely grandma’s attic material. Although the fabric was ugly, the chair was in amazing condition. Beautiful carved legs with cane that looked as though no one had ever sat in it. I bought the chair, purchased some fabric, and had the upholsterer bring it back to life! This chair has a soft, pretty aesthetic, and it is surprisingly comfortable to sit it. I am in love with the new fabric and beautiful tufting! Having trouble selling this one, but I don’t think I can fit one more vintage chair in my home! For sale for 395.00. Email or FB message me if interested!:)






Simple is Best

One thing that I have learned while doing design projects is that when it comes to the big pieces, simple is best. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite part of design is picking out beatifully patterned fabric and the perfect accessories. However, when it comes to the more expensive, bigger pieces…the sofas, chairs, bedding, etc….simple is best. This does not mean that everything in your home has to be white or cream with no pattern or color. Just find ways to infuse the color and patterns with pillows, paint, and fabulous accessories. In doing so, all you will have to change when the Ikat and Trellis patterns of today are out of style are your accent pillows. This tip can save you thousands of dollars! Here are some examples:

This is the bedding we plan to use in a master bedroom at the lake. They want clean with pops of funky patterns and color:
busing master bedding

You may be wondering how this fits the description of “pops of color”. It doesn’t…but this is just our simple, classic back drop that will be able to last for at least 10 years without going “out of style”. The plan is to insert the pops of color with our pillows. The duvet shown will be folded at the end of the bed. A classic white PB pickstich quilt will go underneath the duvet. We will use the Ikat pattern shown for Euro shams, use the standard shams from the bedding shown, and finish off with a green PB classic button pillow in the front. The classic striped pattern shown will go on a bench at the end of the bed. The striped pattern on the bench should pass the test of time as well, but I do think the bench could be a funky accent piece that you could recover in the future if you prefer.

Here is another example. I used a cream colored quilt from Anthropologie and a timeless ticking stripe duvet at the bottom. The bed is accented with Ikat and Trellis patterned pillows that I can change whenever I feel like I want a new look.
Pillows After

Simple brown leather couch with color and pattern in pillows:

Cream slipcovered sofa accented with patterns in pillows:

Khaki couch with pillows and accents:
Table and Candles

Classic white bedding dressed up with pillows and accessories:
Beach Bedroom

White linen couch/chair with color and pattern in accent pillows:
lake4 (2)
lakehouse2< lake7