A Trip to Lewis and Sheron

Yesterday, Emma Rose took her first trip to my favorite fabric store in Atlanta, Lewis and Sheron. Emma Rose rarely cries except when she is hungry, so I decided that she was a good enough baby for me to venture into the great unknown of fabric shopping with a three month old.  I made sure that her belly was full and pacies were on hand. I had this image of myself running through the warehouse like a crazy woman with a stroller and crying baby. Although she was awake the entire time, Emma Rose proved me wrong! She smiled at all of the employees and babbled to herself as we walked up and down the aisles. In fact, this is what she looked like when I told her we were going fabric shopping! Please excuse my spacing again, I am determined to figure out what is going on! Be sure to scroll all the way down:)

Emma Rose

We went to the fabric store so that I could get some samples for a couple of clients. I am currently working on the master in the lake house that I wrote about last post. They love a mix of modern and traditional fabrics with a splash of color…LOVE!  We will be using a simple white duvet from PB with a navy border, along with these two patterns. So much fun!


The other fabrics are for a client who wants softer colors with a traditional, yet updated feel. Her kitchen and living room are one larget space. Nothing is final yet, but we have gone with a gray/khaki/gold color palate. Most of the house is already painted a goldish tone, so we will paint the kitchen and family room a light gray, and bring in these patterns to tie everything together. I really love this color palate.


I am also working on their formal living room, which will serve a dual purpose of a relxaing reading room and a room for entertaining. It is the first room you see when you walk in the house. Large windows and tall ceilings with wood floors.  The room will include a round, skirted ottoman surrounded by four cozy, yet tailored chairs. We will also have a buffet for entertaining purposes. We will use some soft blues/grays/browns to give a welcoming and relaxing feel. There are two options for this room. Option number one (and my favorite one)….


Option #2: This option uses more gold tones:


Ignore the jute table runner that snuck into the picture!

Such a fun day of work with my peanut…I think she might already have a love for design:)


Come and Get Me!

I have a fabulous dresser that is still for sale! It is going to make its new home at a local antique store next week at a higher price, unless somebody wants it from me now! This piece is from the 1940s. It is in awesome condition inside and out. The drawers have been lined and well taken care of. They are dovtailed, and constructed well.  This piece is perfect for a beach house. lake house. or in your home! Definitely a conversation piece. I will be coming to Jacksonville next month, so I can bring it there if you’re interested! Here are some pictures. Please forgive the word spacing in my recent posts… I am trying to figure it out! Keep scrolling down to see all of the pics:)







































































inside dresser one












inside dresser two




















I need a new home! Come and get me!

Summer Fun

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! I have been busy with decorating projects and this sweet girl…

Emma Rose 3 mos
















I cannot believe that Emma Rose is already 3 months old! Time is flying by, and I am loving every minute of being a mommy to this sweet pumpkin!!

I have also been working on a decorating project for some friends over the summer. They built a beautiful lake house at Lake Oconee, and asked me to design for them. We picked out paint colors, light fixtures, furniture, rugs and fabrics to make this lake house thier home away from home. While we are still waiting for our tables and tv console, as well as a few accessories, the upholstered pieces of furniture arrived this weekend, and I could not be more excited about how they turned out!

The clients wanted a bright and welcoming, yet rustic feel. Whenever I hear that someone wants “bright pops of color”, my mind immediately things of the coral and blue combo. The mixture of the cool and warm tones is so eye catching. I especially fell in love with it when we used it in the bunk room at the beach house last year.

beach bunk




















A muted version of this color scheme came to mind for the lake house. We did our couches and chairs in neutral creams and grays, but added funky pops of color with the fabrics. The jute lighting and wooden ceiling beams bring in the rustic feel. Our future tables to be delivered and burlap lamps will add to our look once they arrive! The gray Dash and Albert rug pulls the gray from the walls and grounds the room. Here are some sneak peeks of the project! Forgive the picture quality…I left my good camera at home and had to use my phone.





















In love with the wood ceiling beams and foyer light against the gray walls. We used Dovetail Gray by Sherwin Williams.














Funky coral ikat with traditional powder gray houndstooth and button pocket pillows.

lake4 (2)










A close up of our patterns. Love the modern and traditional mix.











One of my must have living room pieces….a floating ottoman. Always get them in pairs, or the single ottoman will look lost in the space. The friend to this guy  is floating around somewhere in the room! Love the classic seafoam stripe on the ottoman. It is called Fritz Spa…20.00 a yard on Warehousefabricsinc.com! You can also see the Dash and Albert rug here…. diamond pattern in “platinum”. Durable and stylish, and they come in 12×15!













We purchased two of these skirted beauties. They will flank our tv console against a long wall when it comes in! The console is a seafoam bluish green color…distressed with mirrored doors, I might have to keep it for myself! I think it will be my favorite piece in the room.










These rustic stools surround the large island in the kitchen. Glass chickenwire pendants hang above.  There is also an aged bronze lantern above the kitchen table. Pictures to come!

















This is future foyer. We have the fabulous jute chandelier (from Ballard Designs), and the vibrant, earthy rug (from Rugsusa.com). A natural wood console with a pair of oars and burlap shaded lamps to the left of the door will complete the look. I cannot wait to see everything come together, and share some pictures of the finished product! I loved working with such a nice family with great design taste.

I am currently working on their master. Loving the plan and will be sure to share!


Cottage Nursery for Emma Rose

Emma Rose is here! She was born a couple of weeks early on April 12, 2013, and she was 6 lbs 8 oz, and 19 inches long. The nursery is officially complete now that she is here, and we are just so in love with our little peanut!

This post has been a long time coming, but every new mom knows the sleep deprivation that takes over your life during the first few weeks of the baby’s life. I am not sure that I could have written a cohesive blog entry before today, given the fact that I could barely talk straight the last few weeks. With that said, this post will be full of nursery pictures and not a lot of writing. Enjoy, and I promise to be back to consistently blogging again soon!

Note: We did find a new house, and will be moving into it in October when it is done being built. We are thrilled!! The only downside to this is that I could not ask my husband to install the chandelier in this house, only to have to take it down a few months later and install it in the new house. I am sad not to have it in the room because lighting really does make or break a space. I will have to share photos again when we move into the new house and incorporate the chandelier with what I have now:)

Let the tour begin!

DSC_0160The CribDSC_0139DSC_0142DSC_0136DSC_0141DSC_0147DSC_0190DSC_0158DSC_0182DSC_0173emma rose blog




Nursery Sneak Peek

We are finally done with the nursery, except for a few little things. I need to monogram the pillow on her glider, and still need her changing pad and little sea grass hamper. I also want to hang her mongrammed wood cut out on her door before I take the final pictures. Here is a single sneak peek at one corner of the room. I cannot wait to rock my sweet baby girl in this chair!!! I will be back later this week to share the rest! Have a wonderful week!

Emma Rose 1


A Cottage Nursery

Right before Thanksgiving, Jeff and I found out that we are having a baby…..GIRL!!!! I kept telling Jeff that I had a feeling that it was a girl, and the technician informed us that my feeling was true! We surprised both of our families with gender reveal desserts, and everyone is excited for our girl, Emma Rose, to arrive in April.

If we are being completely honest, I had dreamed of what my baby’s nursery would look like BEFORE Emma Rose was even a thought in our heads, and I had always hoped I would be able to do a girl nursery, as I am always drawn to the shabby chic/floral/cottage look. We are still looking for a new house, and hoping to be in it before she comes. If not, her nursery will be in our house right now until we find what we want. So, nothing has been painted or hung, but everything has been ordered, and the nursery has been created in my head for now! I wanted to share all the little pieces I have found. I cannot wait until it all comes together!

Let’s start with her crib and bedding. This is an example of the crib. The one that I ordered is creme and slightly distressed:

My parents were generous enough to want to buy Emma Rose her crib. They belong to a wholesale funiture company called Direct Buy, and they got this crib for a great deal. We ordered the creme color with the antique stripe. I love the high back and spindles on the crib.

My parents were generous enough to want to buy Emma Rose her crib. They belong to a wholesale funiture company called Direct Buy, and they got this crib for a great deal. We ordered the creme color with the antique stripe. I love the high back and spindles on the crib.

This is a sample of what color her crib is.

Emma Rose Crib color


This is her bedding. I found it on Etsy at a store called Cottage and Cabin. I cannot wait to see it in person! I am thinking that I might monogram her bumper on the inside.

The bedding is all washed linen. I love the long drop skirt!

The bedding is all washed linen. I love the long drop skirt!

Now for the fabrics. The blue, floral pattern is for her panels. I am just doing a simple rod pocket to keep with the casual, cottage theme. This is a Waverly fabric that I found online for 16.00 a yard! Great deal! Whenever I see a fabric I love in the store, I always search it online and find it for anywhere from 30-50% cheaper! The blue and linen patterned fabric is for the glider, which will have piping in the linen fabric shown. I am having a linen pillow made for the glider. It will have a ruffle around it in the floral fabric used for the panels. The glider is a club style chair with an ottoman. My in-laws were very generous to get the glider for Emma Rose. It should be here in a couple of weeks!  The coco colored square will be the color of her walls.

Emma Rose Fabric

I have had this dresser in my house for several years. Right now it sadly lives in the laundry room, and serves as a folding station. It is one of my favorite pieces, but I just do not have a spot for it. It will be the perfect little piece for her changing table!

Emma Rose dresser

This giant framed chalkboard from an Etsy shop called Shabby Chalks will hang above her changing table so I can write her little messages.

Emma Rose chalkboard

A sconce from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child will hang on each side. They only come in white, but I plan on painting them a tealish/blue color with a dark wax stain over them so they really stand out!

Emma Rose sconce


I found these great, old rose prints at Queen of Hearts for 18.00 each. I am going to put the teal frame just around the middle one to add a little bit bigger of a scale. I also plan on hanging some old shutters with a mirror on the back wall at the head of her crib, but they aren’t ready yet!

Emma Rose art


No nursery is complete without a chandelier! This one used to hang in our dining room before I changed it. I  always thought it would be perfect for a baby girl’s nursery, and now it will finally get some use again!

Emma Rose Chandelier

I love a good old vintage a ladder, and this one will be perfect for blankets and burp cloths. I plan on resting it against the will next to her changing table so we have easy access to blankets and burp cloths when needed! I found this adorable quilt and very nice burp cloths on Etsy at a store called Sunflower Rag Works. I also got a couple of linen blankets from Dainty Cotton. I cannot wait to hang everything on the ladder!

Emma Rose ladder

burp cloth 1 burp cloth 2 Emma Rose Blanket 3

Emma Rose blanket 2

Emma Rose blanket

I plan on putting a small night stand next to her glider with a linen table skirt on it. I bought this lamp years ago in Gainesville before I moved to Atlanta, and I really love. Right now the bottom is apple green, and I plant to change it to a soft blue or rose color. Maybe a linen shade…but I love, love, love this lamp base and cannot wait to see it in her room!

emma rose lamp

And if room allows…this sweet armoire that currently goes in my guest room will go make a home for itself in here as well…

Emma Rose armoire

I still have a few things to get. I need to purchase curtain rods, a linen table skirt for the nighstand, a lamp shade, and a rug. I am thinking about doing a very subtle stripe for her rug, but I am still on the hunt. Not sure yet if we will be in this house when she comes or not, so I am giving myself 6 more weeks before I really start to set things up! Thanks for checking in…more updates to come soon!

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

 One thing that I really missed during my first 16 weeks was not being able to go shopping without getting sick or feeling like I was going to pass out. Even when I am not going to buy anything, I love to go walk through my favorite antique store, especially at this time of year. So…when I started to feel a little better a few weeks ago, guess what was the first thing I did? No…not eat a meal other than saltines and gatorade. I went to the antique store….and it was FABULOUS! All the booths had their Christmas decorations up, and it was like going to the North Pole, but better! They had some great deals on some really unique little treasures, and on a couple of lamps that I had been eyeing online for a long time, but would not dare pay the price they were asking for. I was in an antique Christmas heaven…and I wished that I could bring my sleeping bag and just camp out there for the whole month of December!

Here are some of the little treasures I found. Sometimes the smallest little details can make a big difference in my house.

I agree with Brick from Anchorman on one thing…I love lamp. I am a sucker for great lamps. I think they can really make a room. They are everywhere in my house, and I had been eyeing this pair for a while. When I saw these amazing lamps on super sale, I just could not pass up. Here is a picture of the beauties:

   Another home accessory that can add so much character is a wall sconce. Whether it is electric or just a candle sconce, it is something other than art or a mirror that always dresses up empty wall space. Every now and then, I come across these very detailed, floral sconces at the antique store. I already have two in my hallway and one in my guestroom. They are rustic and feminine at the same time. When I came across these two floral sconces, I felt no different. I had the perfect space for both of them. I

I love the addition of the ceramic roses to this rusted, old sconce.

 I really love the size and detail of this sconce. I also like the placement of the candles. I have an awkward space in my entryway that I just could not find the right thing for until this little guy caught my eye. It really completes the space.

  I also found a couple of vintage, french prints that were tucked in a tiny corner of the booth. I hung them in the hall outside our shabby guestroom. Just a little something to spruce up the hallway.

  Have you found any treasures lately?

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 The first 18 weeks of my pregnancy were not easy. I spent many hours sick on the bathroom floor, and I questioned whether I was pregnant or dying several times. I was so worried that I would feel this way for the Christmas season. Fortunately, I have really started to feel like myself again over the last couple of weeks….just in time for some holiday decorating!

I wanted a rustic, simple look this year. Not a lot of glitter and sparkles. More pine cones and burlap. I also wanted to use a lot of stuff that I already had to avoid spending a lot of money around the holiday season.

Hobby Lobby is my go to place for Christmas decorating. All of their Christmas decor is 50% from the second it hits the shelves…no waiting until after the season. I have bought a lot of ornaments and accents there over the years. This year I just bought a couple of pieces of simple garland with pine cones on it and some willow branches. I also found some really pretty, thick burlap ribbon and striped burlap ribbon.

Here are a few snapshots of Christmas at the Harris household:

Pine Cone Mantel:

A Little Bit of Garland for the Entryway:

 The Dining Room Table with a Touch of Berries:

 Now for the tree…I am not going to pretend that these pictures are from this year. This is my tree from last year, and the tree that I would put up this year would look exactly the same. It is full of pinecones, burlap, and vintage and mercury glass ornaments.  Since I am 5 months pregnant and we are in the house hunting process, it just seemed like another big chore to get it all out of the basement. I know it is so “Scrooge like”not to have a tree, and I do feel bad about it. All of the garland and pinecones make me feel a little bit better. So, here is the tree from last year that would be this year if I actually end up taking it out…

I hope this post has brought you some Christmas cheer! What is your favorite part of holiday decorating?




Ghosts of Halloween Past

My mom is a Halloween costume genius, and all she needs is a box, scissors, and some wrapping paper. Very economical. We moved a lot when I was growing up, so I am sure that there was always a good sized box laying around. While you will see that the costumes  she made were both creative and adorable, I am still trying to figure out how my sisters and I agreed to wear them as they look extremely uncomfortable and even a bit dangerous. Here is a hilarious look at the many uses of a cardboard box to put you in the Halloween spirit!

Being the first child, I was naturally the first one to endure the box on Halloween. I am thinking that at age 4, my arms were finally long enough to allow my hands to peek out of the sides and hold my candy bucket…..barely.

Fortunately (for mom), we moved enough to where the idea of using a box for Halloween never lost its luster with the neighbors. Here is my sister, Katie, as a present a few years later. She looks thrilled about sitting in a box all day. Little did she know the box costume agony that was to befall her in a few short years.

Now…are you ready? This is the grand finale of box costumes. My mom still brags about this one, and really, I cannot blame her. Fortunately, I did not have to wear it, Katie did. As I look at this picture, I wonder if mom chose to hide her face because of the less than thrilled face she was making as a present. Or maybe she got grounded the night before, so mom decided to punish her with this costume. Either way, it makes for hilarious pictures. Don’t worry, Katie was not the only box that year. Mom softened the blow a bit by making Elizabeth a dice.

Yes folks, that is Katie dressed up as a dryer. I am sure you are wondering how she went trick or treating without being able to see anything. You can notice in the picture that she is already grasping for Elizabeth’s hand. Don’t worry… The dryer door conveniently swings open, but I am pretty sure Katie had to hold it like that in order to see all night. I am sure she bumped into several other trick or treaters that night…and possibly a tree or two. I am also sure that she was the only person with that costume, and must have won several Halloween party awards (or should I say mom won the awards). I hope you enjoyed this look at Halloweens gone by! Maybe you even got a few ideas:)

What is your favorite Halloween costume memory?



 When I was little I loved Halloween because it meant that I got to gather a gigantic bag of candy all for myself. I remember I used to not want to eat my candy because I would get so much that I wanted to save it, and then the Kit Kats would taste like strawberry Laffy Taffy, and the Starbursts would taste like York Peppermint patties, and the whole bag would be uneatable anyway.

  As I get older, I have not been as excited about Halloween. I hate scary costumes. Haunted Houses make me want to pass out. I have to close my eyes just to get through a scary movie preview. So, I usually just look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I don’t really think about  Halloween.

 Now that we will have a cute little munchkin to dress up next year, I guess I will have to get a bit more excited about Halloween. Since I have to start somewhere, I am thinking cute pumkin carving ideas and adorable baby costumes. Here are some of my favorites from the one and only Pinterest:



This little guy is adorable…


Look at this cutie…


 Forget the stroller. Just carry your baby lobster in around in a pot!


  I think this one is my favorite!

Happy Halloween!!