Pillow Talk

  I love throw pillows. I love them on chairs, beds, couches…just about anything you can put them on. I love how they can make a room feel warm, soft, and cozy in instant. When I got done with the new guest room, I felt like the bed still looked too naked. While at Homegoods, I found these two charcoal gray pillows that had tattered ruffles on them and a down insert for just 12.99 each! I thought they may help to tie the bed together. I usually have to let something new sit the way it is for a day before I can decide whether it looks right or not. After much rearranging, the pillows finally passed the test this morning!

This is the bed before:

  Then, I found the gray pillows at Homegoods and made this arrangement, but it still was not right:

  Still not exactly what I wanted. I felt like there needed to be some green in the front to break up the blue. I rearranged the pillows once more, and there it was! Here is the final outcome:


  Ahhh! Now it is nice, cozy and ready for a guest! Thanks for stopping by!



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