Progress in the Foyer

  Since the mite infestation, I have been working diligently on repairing my foyer area. This means finding the right stuff and the right price. My first thoughts were to get a tall, wooden mirror to hang above the table, and a beautiful new lamp. Then, I found these fabulous shutters at Queen of Hearts, and my whole idea changed (and got a lot less expensive).  I decided to put the shutters on the table, and then nail a mirror onto it, which saved about 200.00 on the mirror purchase. I had also been looking at a large white, chippy vase at Pottery Barn, but couldn’t get myself to pay 100.00 for it. I found one that was the perfect size and design that I liked even better for 25.00 at Queen of Hearts as well. I filled it with some dried cotton and lavendar. It smells so good! I found the box and coral/shell at Homegoods. I have one last thing to do before I am done with this area. I decided to do something different than putting a new lamp on the table. I am going to find another smaller shutter pair to put above the chair, and then attach a one light, plug in sconce to the front of the shutters.  Here are some pictures of the progress so far!

  I also finally got my egg wall done in the guest room that I shared with you last Friday. I do love decorating with birds and nests, and I am so excited to have a bird nest and eggs WITHOUT mites in them:). Here is a look:



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  1. #1 • David Posey said on July 7 2012:

    Great stuff lauren!!