Rachel Ashwell Inspired

Rachel Ashwell is one of my favorite designers. She is considered a “shabby chic” expert, but what I love about her is that she is mostly chic, and a bit shabby. She never clutters her spaces, and each piece of furniture and accessory must be fabulous and unique, or it is not coming in that room! She does not use a lot of pattern, and her walls are white, more often than not. She is a master at bringing in rich fabrics, texture, and color to every space she designs. Every piece must be imperfectly perfect; chippy paint, layers of linens, chandeliers dripping in crystals, but never too shiny, luxurious silk, luscious velvet….and do not forget the fabulous, faded rugs she loves to place under or at the end of the bed; often the only piece in the room that has a pattern.

Here are a couple examples of her work…

1) This is her bedroom at her beach house. It is elegant, yet airy. I just want to jump into that bed!

Rachel ashwell bedroom

2) This is Jessica Simpson’s bedroom that Rachel designed for her. I love the rug, and the rich velvet bench and panels. The textures in this room are to die for!

rachel ashwell bedroom 2

She was my inspiration for a lot of design elements in the new house, and I wanted to have one room that was my own take on Rachel ( on my own non Rachel budget). The bedroom is carpet, so bringing pattern in on a rug was not an option. I decided for a pop of pattern on the throw pillows instead. The bed is layered in white linens, and the curtain panels are dupioni silk, thus bringing in the rich color and texture. The walls are white, so that the pieces in the room (linens, art, and silk panels) can be the focal points. I still need some lamps for the nighstands, and I am refinishing a highboy dresser for the other corner of the room. All of the pieces in the room have been collected over time. The portrait of the woman in the blue dress was my 8th grade graduation present (yes, I even loved “vintage design” back then). I love when a room can come together with pieces that were bought over a period of years from many different places. I hope you enjoy my take on Rachel. Please excuse my amateur photography. I am still trying to figure out this camera, and how to tone down that yellow glare the artificial light gives to the room. The walls are white…not yellow:)








I am finishing up some big projects for clients that I cannot wait to share. Pictures to come…have a great week!


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