Snapshots of Summer and Home

  Take a fun little quiz. Look around your house. How is it decorated? What accessories do you decorate with? What color paint have you used? Now think…are there things in your house that remind you of home, your childhood, or the town you grew up in? I have lived in Atlanta, Ga now for about four years. The longer I live here, the more things start to pop up around the house that are reminiscent of where I grew up.

   While my younger years were spent in Houston, Texas, the majority of my formative years were spent in Florida. I was born there, and lived there for five years before we moved. Although we lived in Texas, we always came back to visit our family in Florida. We moved to Jacksonville, Florida when I was thirteen. I then attended the University of Florida for college. As I look around our home, I realize that where I grew up has had a big influence on my decor from paint colors to picture frames. I did not spend tons of time at the beach when I lived in Florida, but it was always around me…the colors, the feel, the peacefulness. I have created a coastal cottage feel in our home without even meaning to. Our paint colors are light and calming, the furniture is distressed, the bedding is light and airy, and the accents around our home look as though they were plucked right from an old beach cottage.  I love bringing nature indoors, especially as sweet summertime approaches.

  Don’t get me wrong, I do love Georgia. I would not want to go back to Florida, but that does not mean that it is not something that will always be a part of me. Your home is your haven. What special pieces do you have in your home?

Here are some summer snapshots of my own little haven:







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