Photos of the Latest Project

I just finished a project that I have been working on for the passed few months, and I am so thrilled that my clients now have a cozy room to relax in! The fireplace was my inspiration for this room. I wanted to pull out the gray and gold tones. I love the wall color and beautiful patterns that we incorporated into the space. I also love that we were able to use Marti’s grandmother’s spindle back chair as a little corner accent. It just gives a little nostalgia to the mostly “new” space. We still have a few things to do…waiting for our rug to come in, we are going to get some natural woven window shades and some wrapped canvas family photos will adorn the wall around the televsion, but red walls and dark furniture are out, and the light, airy feel is in!

It has been such a pleasure to work with this family, and they have three of the most adorable boys! I am wondering if they have been allowed to sit on the couches yet:) We are now working on the formal living space, and I cannot wait to see how it turns out! Here are some photos of the family room and breakfast nook…











I am working on another formal living space near the neighborhood we will be moving to in one week! I can hardly wait for this project completion, as I love this home and the color scheme. These custom pillows are just a little sneak peek into the project…

blue pillows

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  1. #1 • Katie Posey said on November 18 2013:

    Loveee all of it!!!! 🙂

  2. #2 • Linda Clauson said on November 21 2013:

    B-eautiful Lauren!
    Simply scrumptious.

  3. #3 • Sarah Willard said on November 23 2013:

    Lauren! This is all so pretty, I love every bit of it!

    I have a question! The white roses in the silver vase, are those real? Or are they fake? If they’re fake, where do you buy those roses, because they look sooooo beautiful!

  4. #4 • admin said on December 7 2013:

    Hey Sare bear!

    They are real. I know…it is so hard to find fake flowers that look real. Sometimes it helps tone the fake look down to combine the willowy branches with the fake flowers…also, I try to use dried flowers rather than silk. Buy a dozen roses, and hang them up to dry upside down. They have sprays that you can buy to help preserve them once they are dried. Hope this helps!