The Rumor is True…

We’re having a baby, and I couldn’t be more excited! The sweet, little bundle will be here in April, and even though that is 6 months away…I feel like it is just around the corner. So much to do to prepare for this little munchkin, and so little time.

We do not know what we are having yet, but I can’t help but do some early nursery browsing. Let’s be honest…I nursery surfed before I even knew I was pregnant, it is just way more fun now! While falling in love with a look is hard to do before you know the gender, it is still fun to start getting some ideas. Here are a few pictures that I have come across online. None of them are exactly what I would like, but each of them has some great elements. Click on the picture to follow the link:

I love the color and the idea of accent wall paper in this nursery:

 Fabulous lighting and panel fabric in this nursery:

Love the look of this with a little bit of color and pattern added:

 Nice and soft colors in this nursery:

This is my favorite nursery that I have seen so far.  The colors, patterns, and coziness of this nursery are just right. I am also a sucker for an iron crib. You can see more of this nursery here.

I have a couple of “nursery ideas” floating around in my head, especially for a girl’s nursery. They are just a little more fun to think about:) Some of my ideas include bead board, seagrass wall paper, and these two fabrics combined with a flax linen:

I’m taking any suggestions from moms for nursery ideas! Please share!:)


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  1. #1 • Donna White said on October 8 2012:

    Girls are so fun….you can decorate them and their rooms! Lol! Happy for you…either way..boy or girl or one of each! Here is one suggestion…dont get a non-rocking chair….pretty to look at, but you’ll want to rock when that precious bundle has colic and you are pulling your hair out! ;-))

  2. #2 • Kim Ayoub said on October 9 2012:

    A night light or small lamp is a must for those late night feedings when you don’t want to completely wake her up! Also, it helps to have a comfy chair! You’re ideas are beautiful, and I cannot wait tot see how it all turns out; and I can’t wait even MORE to meet your precious baby!!