Time for a Trim

There are a lot of ways to update your home, but one of the best ways, aside from lighting and paint, is to change out your pillows and drapes. It is easy to create a new, updated look using a few new fabrics. There are tons of pillows out there, and it is true that you can come across some attractive ones at Homegoods, Pottery Barn, etc. Same is true for curtain panels and drapes. So…why go through the whole ordeal of getting custom accents for your home? There is nothing prettier than a custom pillow. You can be guaranteed that no one else will have the same look as you. It is custom tailored to your home, your taste, and your family’s lifestyle. You can add tons of texture and pattern into one single piece that your friends and guests in your home are sure to “oohh” and “ahh” over!

I am currently working on a few projects in which we are making custom pillows and curtain panels, and, in my opinion, these pieces are going to make the room. Yes, people will marvel at the new sofa, the beautiful rug, the custom coffee table, and the antique pugh from the family’s church, but it will be the the little details…the patterns, the textures, the colors…of the the custom pillows and curtains that will really bring life to these rooms.

One of the best ways to add subtle pattern to pillows or curtains is through the use of “tape trim”. You can add it as a frame in the center of a pillow, or it can be placed as two parallel lines running vertically on a pillow. It can also be added onto the edge of a curtain panel, and suddenly your solid, boring curtains have a fabulous facelift! Below I am going to share some of the fabrics I am using in my projects.

These fabrics are going into a “semi-formal” living room space. They wanted a room to entertain guests in that felt a bit more formal than their family room, but they still want the room to feel inviting and comfortable. The couch will be a solid linen. The two skirted chairs will be done in the tone on tone stripe fabric. The sofa will have two pillows made of the floral fabric with the rope cordinf, and the center pillow on the sofa will be the striped fabric, but we will add the gold and blue striped tape trim as a frame in the center of the pillow. The small, unique touches of trim on the pillow will make a huge difference! The striped chairs will have the solid blue linen on it in the form of lumbar pillows, with two parallel lines running vertically in the Greek key trim. The curtain panels will also be in this fabric, and the Greek key trim will line the inside edges of the panel. The family has an amazing old church pugh that will go along the back wall of this room. We will have two floral pillows with the rope cording, and two pillows made with the stripe fabric on one side and dot fabric on the other (so the clients can choose from the two patterns). Those pillows will have a cording around them in the blue fabric used on the panels. To top it all off….my favorite thing in the room…the church pugh will have a very long lumbar in the center of it (35×10). This pillow will be made of a delicious blue velvet in the same shade as the curtain panels, trimmed out in a goldish/taupe cording, and we will use the fringed tape shown to create a box in the center of the pillow. Remember, it is okay to mix fabrics in a room. Linen and velvet married in one space make a to die for combination. I can hardly wait to see this room come together!!! Side note…the solid linen fabric appears a lot darker in the photo than the true color. It is about a shade darker than the rug in person.

B Living Room Fabrics

For the next project, I am updating a family room with new pillows, paint, a rug, and curtain panels. We will keep all of the brown leather sofas in the room, and give this space a custom face lift! The floral fabric will be made into pillows, as will the blue stripe. I will create a frame on the striped pillow using the taupe tape trim shown. We will use the neutral chevron fabric for a bench seat. The seat will be accented with two pillows made with the solid blue linen and wide trellis and floral tape in two parallel, vertical lines running down each pillow. There are two options for the curtain panels; either the blue stripe, or the solid linen with the trellis trim. I also plan to add a few blue PB linen pillows with the single brown button in the middle. Mixing a little custom with a little pre-made can be a great way to save some money. Please forgive my not so great I phone camera that gives every picture I take a slight shade of yellow.

G fabric 1

G fabric 2

On another note, it is my favorite time of year! I love the fall, and I usually create a fall mantel. Since we are moving in a month, all of my fall stuff is packed away. I would have loved to have climbed over the towers of boxes and opened each one to look for my fall pieces because I love them so, however Jeff would not have loved that. I could not keep my extremely summery sea flora on the mantel, so I had to work with whatever alternatives were available. It does not look fallish at all, but I am loving the change.


I love this old photo. I bought it on Etsy, and it is chalk-full on nostalgia.


We are headed to the pumpkin patch with Emma Rose tomorrow. I cannot wait to see her sweet little face light up when we get there! I am hoping to find a couple of white pumpkins for the mantel.

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember…”When in doubt, trim it out!”

tape trim

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